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2016-08-21  Geoff Brock  <mischivin@gmail.com>

[a51a9393d553] [tip]
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Added tag v1.7.0-Release for changeset 6d7704314d84

[6d7704314d84] [v1.7.0-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Updated to work with Legion, however this is untested with Broken Isle.

2015-03-17  Vynn  <Vynn>

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Added tag v1.6.1-Release for changeset a1ce4feb343e

[a1ce4feb343e] [v1.6.1-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

-Updated .toc for client v6.1
-Fixed a texture display issue created in 6.1

2014-12-15  Vynn  <Vynn>

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Added tag v1.6-Release for changeset 53b3dc1d97d4

2014-12-15  Geoffrey Brock  <Geoffrey Brock>

[53b3dc1d97d4] [v1.6-Release]
* .hgtags, HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Updated for client v 6.0.3 - including MoP and WoD support.

2011-04-26  wobin  <wobin>

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Adjusted all continents to fit

[2784718c905f] [v1.3-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Turns out that each flightmap/continentmap have differing ratios between them. So magic multiplicands ahoy

2011-03-20  wobin  <wobin>

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Added tag v1.2.1-Release for changeset 3a0e38507677

[3a0e38507677] [v1.2.1-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Remove debug from tooltip

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Added tag v1.2-Release for changeset 36f98721616b

[36f98721616b] [v1.2-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Removed Shovel resize
Added in yellow highlight for 'closest flightpoint'

2011-02-22  wobin  <wobin>

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Larger Shovels

[65cf6d80ba13] [v1.1-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Fixed cleaning up of digsites between continents
Made the shovels a little larger to be more noticable

2011-02-14  wobin  <wobin>

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Repackaging without the hyphen

2011-02-13  wobin  <wobin>

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Added tag v1.0-Release for changeset 1736bdce576d

[1736bdce576d] [v1.0-Release, v1.0.1-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Initial Commit