Hide Battle.net friends

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Oct 25, 2016

Owner: SamuraiSkye

All this addon does is hide Battle.net (Real ID and BattleTag) friends from the in game friends list.

They can still see you online like normal, you can still receive whispers from them in game like normal, you can still reply to those whispers, and you can still add and accept battle.net friend requests. It does not interfere with the Battle.net app in any way, and you can still whisper and see them like normal there. This just hides them from the in game friends list, so it only shows people you have friended per character.

I made this so I wouldn't have to wade through 40 people who are away in the app or online on 10 other servers or Overwatch to get to my character's friends. You know, like the olden days!

This addon is a very simple three lines of code. It just tells the interface that there are zero battle.net friends. The addons I've tested that work with Battle.net friends work with this addon just fine (They report none online as well), but your milage may vary.

- Jadena of Moon Guard


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