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#28 By  Zarillion

Created Sep 20, 2020 Updated Sep 24, 2020


I originally opened this issue against HandyNotes, but I'm opening it here as well now that I know the issue is actually in HereBeDragons.


In Shadowlands, the MINIMAP_UPDATE_ZOOM event is fired when the Minimap:SetZoom() function is called (either by addon code or the +,- buttons). Using the SetZoom() trick to see if you are indoors/outdoors by comparing which cvar changed now creates an infinite loop of event callbacks when GetCVar("minimapZoom") == GetCVar("minimapInsideZoom"). Some other method will need to be devised to determine if we are are indoors or outdoors when the cvars match.

Zarillion   added a tag
  Sep 20, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

This would indeed appear to be quite the annoying problem. We were already lucky to have the zoom-level trick to figure out the difference between indoors and outdoors. I'm not sure a new method will be easy to find.

Sep 24, 2020

Turns out Blizzard added a handy function to directly determine the minimap radius, so that entire logic is no longer needed

Sep 24, 2020

Thanks for the quick fix! I was able to utilize the C_Minimap.GetViewRadius() function to fix up my addon as well.

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