Healer Stat Weights

163,133 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 28, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5

Healer Stat Weights 8.1.5! (Beta...still)

Get personalized, accurate* healing stat-weights in real-time.


*While this is in Beta, your mileage may vary depending on spec!

*3/24/2019: Mistweaver Monk & Resto druid are the most well-maintained & accurate specs; while the other 4 healing specs are less accurate. 


The addon is still in beta, but it is now updated for 8.1.5, with azerite spells now (mostly) supported, a few bugfixes for various classes, and many missing trinkets/spells have been added (Thanks to Jundarer).






Beginner's Guide

If you are a new user, start here: https://questionablyepic.com/hsw/




  • Supports all six healing specializations
  • Export stat-weights directly to a pawn string
  • Quickly switch between recent combat segments
  • Customization options!




This tool is an extension of the RDSW weakaura used by restoration druids throughout Legion; originally by Manaleaf, updated by Voulk. In extending this to other specializations, various theorycrafters have lent their help in discussions on implementation/design; or have created stat spreadsheets/tools that were useful references. So special thanks to you folks (Torty, Garg, Adamselene, Nisekoi, JD, Wishkin, Voulk, Manaleaf, and many others!)







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