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HealCommClassic is a raid addon that uses HealComm (LibHealComm). If you use a raid frame replacer like Shadowed Unit Frames, VuhDo, HealBot, etc., it should have HealComm (LibHealComm) built into it already. 


You should only get this addon if you like Blizzard's Raid Frames and want healing predictions or any of the other features this addon provides.




  • Incoming heal indicators
  • Healing communication with other addons (VuhDo, Luna, HealBot, etc)
  • Highly configurable
  • Feign death indicator
  • Custom status text info
  • Simple and lightweight



HealCommClassic only works with Blizzard unit/raid frames and you will not be able to see healing bars if you use a unit/raid frame replacement. 


Known Issues

  • Blizzard's raid frames can become misaligned when players join/leave raid during combat - This issue is a "feature" of Blizzard's raid frames and is not related to HealComClassic. You can download a newly developed fix here.


"attempt to index field 'healthBar' (a nil value)" - This issue is fixed in the alpha version located in the downloads section. Unfortunately I stopped playing WoW so I have no way to test this update. Please let me know if there are any issues. Speaking of which, this addon should continue to work for the remainder of WoW Classic with no updates needed.



This addon was originally created by Aviana of Luna Unit Frames. Please do not message Aviana about bugs or feature requests related to this addon.

Special thanks to CFokaygo and dev7355608 for development work and bug testing.


HealCommClassic includes the following libraries:






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