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Wiki: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/HealOrganizer
SVN: http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/HealOrganizer/


This addon helps organizing the healer in your raid. You have 9 groups which each 4 slots to assign healers on. After you have arrangement the healers you can broadcast it to the raidchat or to an extra channel.


To open the dialog you can setup a keybinding in the options. If the dialog is opened move the healer from the left "Remains"-part to the healer-group. Click on a grouplabel to change them. There are several tokens which will be replaced in the labels.
%MT1% until %MT10%
This will become MT1 or MT1(playername) if it can read out the MT from the Addons CT_Raid or oRA2

When you have made an arrangement you can broadcast it via the buttons "Raid" or "Channel". For broadcasting to a channel you need to join the channel before and enter the name of this channel. The resetbutton will reset all healers to the "Remains"-group.


Since v1.1 there is an autofill function. Hover over an empty slot and use your mousewheel. It will cycle througth the following labels:
return to Empty

If you have setup the slotclasses for the groups press on "Autofill" and it will try to fill the empty slots with an matching healer.


You can define 30 sets which can be saved, loaded and deleted. Each set saved the labels and slotclasses from the groups. It does not save the healers itself, it make no sence because the lineup normaly changed every raid.


The Slashcommand for this addon is /healorganizer and /hlorg. There are the following options beside the default from Ace2:
This shows and hides the dialog. So you can use it in a makro and use the same makro for showing and hiding the dialog. Since there is also a keybinding support this option is obsolute.
This option toggle the autosort behavior for the groups. Disable it if you want to change the order in the groups. By default it is on and it sorts the healers first by the class (priest before druid before paladin/shaman), second by name.


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