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Filename HealBot_2.4.3.0.zip
Uploaded by StrifeCUK
Uploaded Jul 20, 2008
Game Version 2.4.3
Size 416.51 KB
Downloads 12,193
MD5 55522acc2e6253a08ccafb4abe7f3df4
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  • Major changes thanks to Acirac on Cursed for the code.
  • Fixed color picker not reverting changes when hitting cancel.
  • Fixed Stoneform for curing.
  • Added ability to create and delete custom debuffs to monitor. Defaults include Burn, Dark Barrage, Fel Rage.
  • Added an ability to change bar color for custom debuffs.
  • Improved ranged detection. Now uses a custom function that defaults to UnitInRange if the spell or a heavy netherweave bandage is not available. Should fix non healer and melee class issues.
  • Updated Chinese translations thanks to the person who emailed.
  • Updated Korean translations thanks to SayClub on cursed.
  • Fixed bug - opacity setting for Enabled bars out of range