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Harmless Quest Rep Reward


Are you trying to save all the quests of a specific faction so you can turn them in at 5999/6000 honored? Then this is the addon for you! Wit this addon you never have to go to wowhub again to check wether a quest gives rep or not!


  • Adds a tag to the quest log to indicate which faction the quest will reward reputation for.
  • Displays the exact amount of reputation reward in the chat while you pick up and hand in the quest.
  • Shows the faction and amount of rep in the questie tooltip when a quest is shared in chat
  • Shows the faction on Questie (mini)map tooltips as well as the Questie quest tracker


  • /qr tooltip Toggle reputation line in questie quest chat link tooltips
  • /qr taglength INT Set the number of character used to display the faction tag
  • /qr taglength 0 Display the entire faction name

Future Features

  • Customize Faction abbreviations
  • Show Rep reward in Quest Details
  • Display gold reward @lvl 70
  • Display XP reward in quest log