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World of Warcraft addon for the Hardcore community

What does this addon do?

  • (Death Reports) Shows in-game and in guild chat when someone dies
  • (HC Verification) Logs play time and tracks deaths for Hardcore Community Leaderboards and Hall of Legends
  • (Accountability) Shows an overview of everyone in guild running Hardcore addon
  • (Grief Protection) Warns you as you target a friendly/enemy that is Pvp flagged
  • (Hardcore Rules) Prevents Mailbox and Auction House Access
  • (Bubble Hearth) Warns the player while Bubble hearthing. Also reports to guild
  • (Dungeon tracker) Tracks the dungeons that you've run


How to Play Hardcore on Multiple Computers

Playing your Hardcore World of Warcraft (WoW) character on multiple computers is possible but requires you to backup and share the Hardcore addon files between the computers. In this article, we’ll explain the process for playing Hardcore on Multiple Computers.

Finding your WoW Install Directory

To use the guide below, you’ll need to locate your WoW folder or directory. This varies, depending on your computer. The defaults are:

WoW Install Locations


C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\


/Applications/World of Warcraft/

What are the Hardcore data files?

In order to backup or share your Hardcore data between two computers, you need to locate and copy two types of files:

  • Hardcore Account data file
  • Hardcore Character file(s) (one for each character)
Hardcore Account data file

This file stores all data relating to shared configuration of the Hardcore addon, and anything not tied to a particular character, including: - Configuration of the Addon itself - Level data, such as the number of total levels achieved and the times for your current and previous characters. You can find it in the following locations, depending on the expansion of WoW you are playing:

Classic Era


Wrath of the Lich King


Hardcore Character data files

There will be one of these files for each character. This file stores all data relating to a specific character, including: - Deaths, trades, auction house and mailbox tracking data - Duo/Trio information - Dungeon tracking

You can find these in the following locations, depending on the expansion of WoW you are playing:

Classic Era


Wrath of the Lich King:


Move and Share Files between Two Computers

Risks of Improperly Moving the Files Improperly moving the Hardcore files can result in losing data or invalidating the Hardcore character. It is important to take precautions and follow the steps carefully to avoid these risks.

Here’s how you can move, backup and share your Hardcore files between two computers:

After Playing on PC #1:

  • Log out and exit the game properly
  • Copy the above files on PC #1 to a cloud storage or external device.

Before Playing on PC #2:

If the folder paths mentioned above do not yet exist on PC #2, create them by logging into the character and cleanly logging out and exiting the game. You must not be running the game for the following steps:

  • Copy both files from the backup (cloud storage, external device, etc) to the locations mentioned above on PC #2.
  • Overwrite both files on PC #2 (keep a backup of these, just in case!).
  • Start playing.


Addon says active time is much lower than played time The addon tracks a certain percentage of your addon uptime compared to total /played. If it is about seconds or minutes - no problem. If it is about hours - consider rerolling before level 20. After level 20, record the run as instructed by the error message.

this can happen due to:

  • Disconnect or Game crash. This happens due to WoW's WTF folder not updating due to the unexpected end of the game process.

  • the Game is killed with alt+f4 or otherwise WITHOUT logging out first (exit game IS NOT THE SAME as logout)

  • the character has been played on two or more computers. Refer to the Multi-pc workaround below

The addon is missing recorded levels after a DC / Crash This happens due to WoW's WTF folder not updating due to the unexpected end of the game process. If you happen to have crashes every now and then consider typing /reload every 15min or so when safely out of combat's harm. It will save the process for the addon.

I checked the accountability tab and there are people A LOT of in red, what do I do? Close the addon tab and open it again after a minute or so. They should be green now. It takes time to sync at times.

How can I see how much has been recorded on my character?

/dump Hardcore_Character.time_tracked..', '..Hardcore_Character.time_played..', '..Hardcore_Character.tracked_played_percentage