HandyNotes - PetDailies

This add-on puts icons on the mini-map and world map for pet battle dailies and achievements that you haven't completed.  If you use TomTom you can add waypoints for the icons.


Added options for Shadowlands and Dragon Isles Achievements


Old content plus 3 dungeons and Sternfathom's journal in Azsuna are included

  • Tamers with coin rewards are not shown by default but can be shown with the menu options Interface/Addons/HandyNotes/Plugins/Battle Pet Dailies
  • Incomplete tamers for the achievement, An Awfully Big Adventure, can be shown
  • Incomplete tamers for Family Fighter and Anomalous Animals of Argus can be shown.
  • Incomplete pet battles for Abhorrent Adversaries can be shown and incomplete tamers for any of the parts of Family Exorcist
  • Incomplete tamers for achievements on Kul'Tiras, Zandalar, Nazjatar, and Mechagon can be shown
  • This plugin is best seen with Pet Battles turned off on your World Map. (click the magnifying glass and toggle off Pet Battles)

Requires HandyNotes to work.