This HandyNotes Plugin shows Draenor Treasures and Rarespawns on the Map & Minimap. (Treasures which have been looted and Rares which have been killed are automaticly hidden. The hidden elements can be reactivated in the visibility options)

+ TomTom Support + DBM-Arrow Support

# !!! ATTENTION !!! # Requires HandyNotes to function! #####

# !!! ATTENTION !!! # The new version for Legion Rares & Treasure is now available! You can find it here: Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures #####


2016-08-22: v.1.20:

  • Mardum should be complete
  • small additions and fixes

2016-08-06: v.1.19c:

  • all but one treasure has been added to mardum (please let me know if you find the last one)

2016-07-27: v.1.19b:

  • TOC fixed
  • Login message disabled
  • added an override option for gorgrond lumber mill/sparring arena treasures

2016-07-17: v.1.19:

  • Fixed minor compatibility issues
  • The treasures and rares in the Demon Hunter starting experience have been temporarily added to this addon, which will be removed on a later date.
  • Treasures and rares for legion can be found in the new addon Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures

2016-06-09: v.1.18a:

  • Several smaller fixes to questIDs and mixups

2016-05-25: v.1.18:

  • since many people had problems with the previous bugfix since the default option was to only show the rares missing for the jungle hunter achievement i changed the default value and used a new value so everyone should be seeing everything by default. if you want so see only the ones missing for jungle hunter you have to check the corresponding checkbox in the addons options again

i'm sorry for the inconvenience

2016-05-07: v.1.17:

  • insectKR added a lot of Voidtalon spawnpoints to the list - so i integrated them into the uploaded version
  • the option for tanaan rares to only show the ones needed for the achievement jungle hunter has been fixed