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Remember! This addon requires you to have the HandyNotes core that can be found HERE.


Hello, Welcome to my first HandyNotes addon!

This addon actually shows you the exact locations of the Ancient Shrines that has a chance to give you one of the following buffs:


Buff Name Effect
Ancient Fortitude Reduces damage taken by 25% for 1 hour.
Ancient Wisdom Increases base stats by 20% for 1 hour.
Ancient Power Increases damage dealt by 15% for 1 hour.
Ancient Winds Increases critical strike, haste, and mastery by 5,000 for 1 hour.


How to use it

1. Download it

2. Log in

3. Enjoy


There are no commands for this addon, settings can be found at Interface>Addons (At the top) and then go to HandyNotes itself and check the plugins tab.

What can we expect

Updates on the TOC file for feature patches. Maybe more features?

Credits to the following people

Reddit user Tashre for Locations + screenshots.
Handynotes for the Core (The original addon)




Please create a ISSUE OR
Contact me on TWITTER