TravelGuide (Classic versions) is a HandyNotes plugin to show the boat and zeppelin locations on the world map and the mini map.

Retail Version: HandyNotes: TravelGuide


  • icon scale and alpha.
  • toggle visibility of
    • Portals (only in WotLKC)
    • Boats
    • Alliance Boats (If you play Horde, it displays the Alliance boats.)
    • Zeppelins
    • Horde Zeppelins (If you play Alliance, it displays the Horde zeppelins.)
    • Deeprun Tram
    • Notes


  • Support for TomTom Waypoints.
  • notes for the portals, zeppelins and boats.


  • enUS - default
  • deDE - German (Native locale by Dathwada!)
  • frFR - French (thanks scaxfull!)
  • koKR - Korean (thanks blacknib!)
  • ptBR - Brazilian Portuguese (thanks D4MM0N1C!)
  • ruRU - Russian (thanks Arrogant_Dreamer!)
  • zhCN - Simplified Chinese (thanks swimstiger!)

If you wish to help localize TravelGuide (Classic), please go to Localization.

(please consider that i only want to add full translated languages)

Issues and Suggestion

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