HandyNotes - Runes SoD Season of Discovery


Map based help for every Rune in Season of Discovery. Quick Start help for every rune. Detailed mob, quest, NPC walkthrough. Pin texture and size is customisable. Destroys any semblance of "self discovery".

For When You Want More Than Just Map Coordinates!


(Phase 2 is currently being programmed. Stay tuned!)


No Need For Wowhead!

How to Use

Instal like any other AddOn. Requires Handy Notes to work. Configurable.

Auto Rune Removal on Completion

Unique Numbered Icons for each Rune


Season of Discovery in Classic WoW has 108 Runes/Idols for each class to collect. 12 for each class. This AddOn not only marks map pins, it gives you sufficient information to obtain your class runes. This AddOn will destroy any self discovery if you do not use it sparingly.

Quick Start

Go to the Azeroth or Continent map. A single pin is there. It tells you where to start each Rune. From there, the zone map pins have a lot more information.

Bonus Void Touched Gear Guide

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