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Places customisable and annotated pins on the World Map and Minimap to assist with completing the Lunar Festival world event. You are informed of Achievement progress and quest completion on an account and per character basis.

Features Lunar Festival Themed Icons

Dungeon Walkthroughs

Detailed Wintergrasp Glitch Guide

Every Flower For All Four Cosmetic Crowns

How to Use

Instal like any other AddOn. Requires Handy Notes to work. Configurable.

  • Downloading: Most people do this. Move from your downloads folder to your _retail_  AddOns folder. Don't forget to get HandyNotes too!
  • Using a 3rd Party App?: Look for "Lunar Festival" and do what you need to do. Simple.

Eastern Kingdoms / Kalimdor / Northrend / Cataclysm / Dragon Isles


This addOn keeps you in the game and endeavours to make switching to Wowhead unnecessary, especially as you must do a lot of travelling throughout the continents. I've done the hard yards for you. In the zones I've listed above just look for the Lunar Festival themed icons. In particular, players will welcome the dungeon walkthroughs as well as my solution to the Wintergrasp problem, all clearly explained. The information is in the Tooltips of each icon. You get decent XP for just simply flying around. Strongly recommended for easy levelling of Alts!

Completion/Progress Status

If there is a relevant Achievement or quest, up to three lines of "completion" status will be shown, colour codes as green for completed and red for not yet.

  • The first line is the overall account completion - any character at any time in the past.
  • The second line will show whether the current chracter itself has completed the Achievement or quest.
  • A third line shows the completion status for the character for an Achievement's criteria or a daily or seasonal quest.

No Need to Use Wowhead

Bonus Features

Lunar Preservation is fully supprted, along with the four optional "Crown of ..." cosmetic quests. The markers show the spawn locations of the flowers. 

Holiday Events

You might enjoy my other Holiday Event AddOns:

 Just flying around and picking off the Elders is a chill and super easy way

to gain a few levels on your alts without having to do much at all!

Upcoming v2.0 for 2024

  • The tracking of Lunar Preservation progress is not a trivial matter as the game internally does not follow quest log conventions. You'll be able to track progress in 2024!
  • Coins in neighbouring zones will appear on the current zone map! This facilitates the aiming of your mount for more rapid transit between coins.

Post 2023 Final Message

This was a new AddOn and yet it instantly became a popular download. Many thanks and especially to those of you who donated Ko-fi or PayPal and also those of you who sent a simple "thank you" here or at Wowhead. I had to disable comments temporarily due to troll "it doesn't work" / "it doesn't download properly" comments but the other 99.9%+ of you have convinced me to be even better in 2024!