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Guild Tradeskills

This addon will send any profession you add to it to other guild mates who also have the addon and they'll send you the professions they've added also.

You can then easily search through their skills for something that might interest you and ask them the next time they're on if they'll craft it for you! Don't forget to tip your guildies!



  • /gt: Toggles the search pane.
  • /gt help: Displays a list of available slash commands and descriptions.
  • /gt opt: Toggles the options pane.
  • /gt addprofession: Add a profession to Guild Tradeskills
  • /gt removeprofession {profession_name}: Remove a profession from Guild Tradeskills
  • /gt add {character_name}: Requests to add a specific character.
  • /gt reject {character_name}: Rejects someone's request to add you. They can request again.
  • /gt ignore {character_name}: Ignores that person. No requests from that account should get through.
  • /gt requests: Lists the characters that have requested to add you.
  • /gt broadcast: Toggles all broadcasting capabilities.
  • /gt broadcast send: Toggles whether you are sending broadcasts to everyone. Yes, everyone everyone.
  • /gt broadcast receive: Toggles whether you are receiving broadcasts from everyone. Yes, everyone everyone.
  • /gt broadcast sendforwards: Toggles whether you are receiving broadcasts from everyone. This may impact performance.
  • /gt broadcase receiveforwards: Toggles whether you are accepting forwarded broadcasts that you have received. This may impact performance.
  • /gt reset: Resets all stored data. Yes... all of it. This cannot be undone. We warned you.



Q: I can't see my skills in the search window.

A: You will need to add your profession with the '/gt addprofession' command.

Q: I can't see my guild member's skills.

A: Currently if your guild members do not have the addon or have not added their professions their skills will not appear in the search window.

Q: I can't see skill X.

A: The addon does not have a complete list of trade skills. It only tracks the skills it has been told about. Additionally the number of results is currently capped at 200 alphabetically sorted. Try searching for the skill in the text search box.

Q: Are characters that are not in my guild that I have added sent to my guild?

No, characters that are added are not sent to the guild.

Q: Do I send my guild member's information to people outside the guild?

No, characters outside the guild do not know about your guildmates.



  • Add dropdown for online characters in the character search field.

Known Issues

  • None



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