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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Monitors Combatlog, Target, and Mouseover to track nearby Enemy Players and lets you target them with a single click.

No more will that rogue be able to sneak up on you. Guardian will detect them and display their name as a warning.

Guardian will also make its best guess as to the level of the enemy player and display that, as well as the class, next to the bar.

Main bar ---

  • Left-Click, drag to move frame
  • Right-Click, Open options
  • Middle-Click, Clear the current list

Names ---

  • Left-Click, target player
  • Right-Click, Announce player
  • Middle-Click, remove player from list

Options --- General Options

  • Guardian Addon
    • Enables or disables Guardian
  • Show frame when disabled
    • Enable, always shows the frame
    • Disable, hides the main frame whenever the addon is disabled. Dungeons, Sanctuaries, etc.
  • Enemy pop direction
    • Up, draws the enemies upward
    • Down, draws the enemies downward
  • Show class icons
    • Enabled, Shows the class icon next to the the name of the player
    • Disabled, no class icon is shown

Advanced Options

  • Guess enemy level
    • Enabled, Guardian makes its best guess as to the players level
    • Disabled, No guess is made
  • Record enemies on Taxis
    • Enabled, Enemies flying on Taxis will be recorded
    • Disabled, They will be ignored
  • Clear enemies after entering a new zone
    • Enabled, Every time you change zone, the list will be wiped clean
    • Disabled, Enemies stay in the list until the time expires
  • Show class colors
    • Enabled, Enemy bars will be colored according to class
    • Disabled, Enemy bars will be colored red

Tracking Options

  • Sanctuary tracking
    • Enabled, Players in a sanctuary (Dalaran, Shattrath, etc) will be displayed
    • Disabled, They will be ignored
  • Show in Arenas
    • Enabled, Players in a Arena will be displayed
    • Disabled, They will be ignored
  • Show in Battlegrounds
    • Enabled, Players in a Battleground will be displayed
    • Disabled, They will be ignored
  • Keep enemies in List
  • * Time selected is the amount of time Guardian will display a name

Announcing Options

  • Announce enemy player
    • Never, Will never announce enemy players
    • When Sighted. Will announce enemies as soon as they are spoted
    • Only if they damage a friendly player, Will only announce an enemy if they damage a friendly player
    • Only if they damage me, Will only announce an enemy if they damage you
  • Announce Channel
    • Auto, Will choose the channel based on party or raid membership
    • Say, Will always announce in Say
    • Yell, Will always announce in Yell
    • Party, Will always announce in Party
    • Raid, Will always announce in Raid


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