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GTFO Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this addon? I'm not a bad player.

Try it out. You may be surprised by how much avoidable damage you were taking without even knowing it. Everyone, even good players, can get distracted or tunnel vision now and then, especially when learning an encounter. This addon will help keep you focused, help minimize the amount of avoidable damage you take, and allow you to track your progress.

Be warned: it won't play the game for you, you still have to move!

Why do I need GTFO if I already have DBM/BigWigs/DXE/etc.?

GTFO has several alerts for damage and events that aren't supported by boss mods. However, GTFO isn't designed to replace boss mods; it works with them! GTFO will not warn you when a wave of fire is coming, but it will beep at you if you hit it and continue to stand in it.

Why is GTFO only warning me of stuff after it's too late?

GTFO requires data from the game in order to warn you such as a debuff or damage being done. Sometimes Blizzard makes encounters with visual marks on the ground indicating impending doom such as the dust clouds in Stonecore. The dust clouds cannot be detected by addons and all GTFO can do is let you know you failed to move out of it after the fact. The fail alert reminds you that took avoidable damage so you can take steps to avoid it next time.

Does GTFO warn me for damage I can't avoid?

Rarely. For example, tanks take a lot of damage DPS and healers need to avoid like cleave or dragon's breath. If you're tanking, GTFO will only alert you of things you need to avoid as a tank. If you're not tanking, it will alert you of things you need to avoid as dps/heals.

Sometimes bosses spawn fire at a random player's feet without any warning and the first tick of this damage is unavoidable. GTFO will buzz at you when you take the first tick of damage, even if it's unavoidable, but continue to buzz if you don't move.

Will GTFO alert or show stats when other players are standing in fire or failing?

No, GTFO will only scan you or your vehicle.

Why aren't my Power Auras displaying for GTFO alerts?

GTFO displays the ending animation when the alert occurs. Your aura must have an ending animation and be of a type that supports ending animations (text auras, for example, are not supported).

I was standing in something, taking damage, and GTFO didn't warn me. What's wrong with it?

GTFO can only warn you of spells that it knows about, which I have to program in by hand. Unfortunately, I'm not a member of high-end raiding guild, so many heroic raids or encounters I haven't personally experienced could be buggy or incomplete. Please report these issues to me so I can add it to the addon! I'm always looking for testers as well and you can e-mail me zensunim at if you're interested.


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