GSE: High Performance Macro Plugin

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.0


Sep 8, 2016

Owner: TimothyLuke

Important Note: This depends on GSE2.0 or higher. 


This is a plugin to GSE and you need to have that installed to use this. GSE is available at


What is WLM High Performance Macros

WLM High Performance Macros (hereafter abbreviated to HP_) are a series of macros that have been nominated by the community here as the macros you use to get the most out of your character. They are for Min/Maxers and people looking to squeeze every last point of DPS or performance. HP_ macros are not one button win macros and will require some investment by you the player on getting the most out of them.


Think of HP_ macros like the track car versus the street souped up Imprezza WRX. Is the WRX fast yes. Can it perform, yes. Is it as good as a dedicated track car tuned for racing? No. HP_ macros used correctly should out perform a SAM_ macro whne used by the right player.


How are these different to the Bundled Sample Macros
The SAM_ macros were developed in Beta/PTR and the classes were evolving and balancing. They were a good place to start and for those getting into the world of GS-E they are a good foundation. Some were written to be HP_ macros others were written to take some of the tedium out of leveling through the expansion. The DB_ are the lazy one button winners that are adequate to good but may not be great.


Whats an example of a set of HP_ macros
John Beast Master macros available at are examples of HP_ Macros. You don’t just need the macro you will need time to adapt to using it and getting the most out of it.


How do I get a macro added to the HP_ set.
You post it here and have the community nominate it as a HP_ macro and have other people confirm it. If there is a consensus that the macro is HP_ worthy it will be added.


Who can update a HP_ macro?
The only person who will be able to change the detail of a HP_ macro is the author as denoted by the author=”” line in the macro.