A better LFG tool for Classic WoW.




1️⃣ Quickly find the groups you actually want to be in. You can filter groups by group-size, loot rules type, language, and more. Groupie is smart enough to hide dungeons out of your level range, and heroics or raids that you're already saved to.

2️⃣ One-click ability to share your character's role, key stats, and relevant achievement link with the group's leader. For group leaders, this means no more context-less "wants to join" pop-ups from the Blizzard LFG Tool, or random "inv" responses to your posts.

3️⃣ Coming Soon! Ability to Send Your Character Sheet in a Message. You'll be able to virtually inspect Groupie users from anywhere in the world before you invite them to your PUG.

4️⃣ Coming Soon! Global Friends & Ignore List, & optional ability to Auto-Respond to Friends and Guildies when they post groups that you are interested in.


Some other stuff worth mentioning...


Groupie shares its data between all of your characters on a server. If you happen to see a group you want to do on a different character, you can switch over and you'll still see the post.


Groupie has built-in spoof protection. If someone sends you an Achievement Link in a Groupie Message, you can trust it's not a fake -- as long as you also have Groupie installed.


If you're someone who just wants to play the game, Groupie does a pretty good job of filtering all of the "boost" spam to the "Other" Tab on the Bulletin Board.


Coming Soon! Groupie's "After Party" Tool. This will be an optional prompt window so you can quickly add people you enjoyed running with to your Groupie Global Friends & Ignores List.




Discord : https://discord.gg/p68QgZ8uqF

Github : https://github.com/Gogo1951/Groupie





Groupie Bulletin Board


Groupie LFG Message


Groupie Right-Click Name Menu


Groupie Mini-Map Menu