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1.0.0 (2020-12-05)

Full Changelog

  • Update
  • Classic: TOC Update
    Classic: Added Naxxramas Raid Debuffs
    Retail: Added Shadowlands dungeon&raid debuffs
    Some improvements in raiddebuffs code, now spires of ascension dungeon is detected correctly.
    Heal Status: Added UNIT_CONNECTION event trying to fix ticket #907.
    Fixing shadowlands bug, when entering Maw zone layout was not visible (ticket #901)
    Fixing options crash with some debuffs due to a tooltip parsing bug (ticket #900).
    Shadowlands TOC Update
    Added RaidDebuffsModule for Shadowlands (only instances and bosses, not debuffs yet).
    Fixing a bug in icons indicator font change option (Ticket #893)
    Added an option to Hide Player when in group in layout editor (ticket #890)
    Added an option to display squares in icons indicators (ticket #888)
    Refactored RightClickPopupMenu Code, now the focus can be set using Grid2 RightClickMenu.
    Added maxhealth event to death status.
    Added some new exceptions to indicators names blacklist, see ticket (#882)
    Now Clean Database Profile button renames indicators with an invalid name.
    Retail TOC Update
    Disabled animations for square indicator (a shape indicator can be used instead).
    Minor bugs fixes.
    Removed animation options for text indicators.
    Added shape indicator to morph list.
    Updated shape icon.
    Optimizations and fixing some bugs in the new blink/animation code.
    Shape indicator bug fixes.
    IndicatorIcons and IndicatorMultibar fix of ancient bug.
    Refactored blink and zoom in/out animations code.
    Added textures for the new shape indicator.
    Added a new "Shape" Indicator: this indicator displays simple shapes (not only squares) like circles, triangles, etc.
    Some reactoring of the frames backdrops creation code in indicators.
    Refactored colors management code in options.
    Fixing some unlocalized strings (ticket #870).
    Classic: AOE heals status: removed raid cooldowns, and a lot of invalid aoe heals (ticket #869).
    Fixing some unlocalized strings (ticket #868)
    ReadCheck status: Some refactoring.
    Icons Indicator: added sanity check to color alpha component (ticket #866).
    Icon Indicator: Now cooldown background in flat textures are darker.
    Role Status: GetColor now always returns a valid color.
  • Update .gitignore
  • Create .gitignore
  • -Icons Indicator: added sanity check to color alpha component (ticket #866).
    -Icon Indicator: Now cooldown background in flat textures are darker.
    -Role Status: GetColor now always returns a valid color.
  • Fixing (one more time) ticket #864
  • Added "By Group & Class" layout
    Added "By Group & Class w/Pets" layout
  • Correct fix to ticket #864
  • Cleaning some lines.
  • -Added an "Add Incoming Heals" option to "health deficit" status.
    -Fixing Phased status crash in Shadowlands (ticket #864)
    -Fixing crash in Shadowlands creating new buffs/debuffs (ticket #865)
  • Fixes for 9.0.1 (Shadowlands)
  • Bug Fix: padding setting causes frames to move when entering battlegrounds (ticket #862)
    Fixing a possible crash in banzai status.
    Added missing HealComm event for Classic.
    Increased TimeBand options in Classic heals setup
  • Added options for 6-9 units per column, in layout editor (ticket #859)
  • Added Shorten numbers option for classic (for health&heals statuses) (ticket #857)
  • Now bar indicator background can be hidden when no status is active.
  • -Reenabled Threat status for Classic (it was not really enabled in version r966 due to a bug).
    -Now a Theme can be assigned for a character class (not only by class+spec)
  • -Fixing a possible crash on bar indicator when changing bar orientation.
    -Refactored some multibar indicator code and database setup. Now statuses colors can be assigned to the extra bars (ticket #851).
  • Classic TOC Update.
    Reenabled threat status for classic.
    Minor optimizacion in threat status.
    • Fixing ticket #845 (Leader icon disappears)
    • Some changes in background and border options.
    • Fixing some bugs in border and background indicators initialization code.
    • Fixing some bugs in border and background options.
  • Added background indicator.
    Changed some border and background settings.
  • Refactored AFK status, now afk_cache keys are guids instead of units.
  • Text Indicator: Now elapsed time can be displayed for afk and offline statuses (Ticket #835)
  • Bar Indicator buffix: heals-incoming incoming bar attached to health bar doesn't change value when HP is reduced (Ticket #827)
  • -Now overhealing is updated when health changes (this must fix some problems described in ticket #756)
  • Now debuffType statuses provide multiple icons (ticket #823)
  • RaidDebufs: Added some missing Ny'alotha raid debuffs (ticket #809)
  • Bugfix Banzai status (ticket #819)
  • Classic: TOC Update
  • -Changed "Deepwind Gorge" mapId in GridRoster(ticket #806)
    -Fixed possible crash in status directions.
    • Added some optimizations to icons indicator and buffs/debuffs statuses.
    • Fixed minor bug in icons indicator.
  • -Added some missing raid debuffs for Ny'alotha raid.
    -Removed some debug code.
  • Fixing ticket #795 (Dispellable Debuff blacklisting not working well)
  • -Debuffs: Added optional blacklist to dispelleable debuffs status (ticket #788)

-RaidDebuffs: Removed unnecessary Ny'alotha maps in bugged_maps table.

  • Fixing ticket #786 (Ny'alotha RaidDebuffs not working)
  • Fixing a bug in debuffs groups blacklists: using spellIDs did not work, now spellIDs are correctly converted to spellNames.
  • TOC Update for 8.3
    Added "Ny'alotha, the Waking City" raid debuffs.
  • Fixing ticket #780
  • TOC Update for retail
  • TOC Update
  • Classic: Repackaged with a new libhealcomm-4 stable version.
    Healths: Added unit_connection event to health tracking code.
  • -Added time band and selectable heal types to heals-incoming & my-heals-incoming statuses configuration.
  • Repackage with newest libhealcomm-4 library.
  • Using LibHealComm-4.0 instead of LibClassicHealComm
  • -Fixing overheals issue (ticket #756)
  • -Fixed: Dispellable debuffs not working in classic (ticket #754)
    -Fixed: Debuffs tracked text values not displayed (ticket #755)
  • -Fixed a bug with "Include Player Heals" option (ticket #749)
  • Recoded roles management in layouts&layout editor for Classic (ticket #748)
  • Added database fix code that deletes nonexistant modules to avoid possible raiddebuffsoptions crash (ticket #746).
  • Added my-incoming-heals status for classic.
  • -Reimplemented class filters for buffs in classic.
  • Refactored some code in my-incoming-heals status, now the status is classic compatible (but only if a reported bug in libhealcomm library is fixed).
  • -Fixing ticket #739, workaround to game bug, the game reports that nonmana classes have mana just after a new unit is added to the roster.
  • -Fixed a typo in the error messsage when the wrong Grid2 package was installed.
    -Added overhealing status (ticket #735)
  • -Posible fix to ticket #734 (not all raid visible in dungeons)
    -More changes in offline status.
    -Fixing posible crash in masterlooter status.
  • More changes in offline status (reimplemented a timer).
  • Added a classic/retail check + error message if the wrong version was installed.
  • Icons indicator: Lowered the max possible number of icons to 6 in options (down from 20)
  • Added an option to lock/unlock Grid2 window movement in Minimap button popup menu.
  • Fixing crash on profile import (ticket #710)
  • -Fixing issue with incorrect frame sizes when changing theme (ticket #708)
  • Classic: Removed banzai status.
  • -Banzai status: Bug Fix, status was not detecting interrupted casts (ticket #703)
  • Now the offsetX and offsetY of the icons Stack text can be configured.
  • Refactored Offline status (ticket #702)
  • -Classic: Fixed crash in charmed status (ticket #697)
    -Banzai statuses, added nameplate units tracking (this allows to detect more banzais)
    -Auras: Added a new Text section in buffs and debuffs, this allows to configure which text must be displayed in text indicators (aura name, a custom text, or a value).
    -Minimap icon popup menu: Added a new section to fast switch Grid2 visibility: Always/grouped/Raid.
  • Fixed a crash in multibar indicator (ticket #696)
  • Added some classic/retail checks, changed toc file.
  • -Changed glow textures.
    -Fixed bug with multibar indicators when changing themes.
    -Classic: Fixed bug in health & heals-incoming statuses
    -Classic: Fixed setup defaults for mage.
  • Updated Russian locale (thanks to Gizmii).
  • Updated english and spanish translations.
  • Classic: Now Aura durations/remaining time display/tracking can be disabled.
  • Classic: Now RaidDebuffs cooldowns are displayed.
  • Classic: Added LibClassicDurations Library.
    Classic: Now cooldowns of buffs&debuffs can be displayed.
  • Classic: Added LibClassicHealComm-1.0 library
    Classic: Added heals-incoming status
  • Updated pkgmetas, added missing ignore files
  • Updated pkgmeta files
    Added setup defaults for classic.
  • toc changes
  • Removed modules.xml
    Updated TOC file.
  • Changes to use BigWigs packager.
  • Multibar indicator: Fixed a subtle graphical glitch. StatusBar main texture was updated one frame later, so the main bar draw process was not in sync with the additional bars, this causes that when the main bar value changes (and additional bars or the multibar background are visible), for a few milliseconds the frame background was displayed instead the main bar.
  • Repackage Grid2 with AceConfig library alpha version (stable version crash in Wow Classic)
  • -Reactivated RaidDebuffs module in Classic.
    -Added raid debuffs for Classic Raids.
  • -Classic: Fixed range status crash for priests.
    -Classic: Fixed some non-existent textures.
  • -Added shields-overflow status (tracks when part of the shield is above player max hp)
    -Added Grid2 Glow Vertical and Grid2 Glow Horizontal textures, can be used with shields-overflow + rectangle indicator.
    -Added compatibility with Wow Classic: Several statuses and the RaidDebuffs module are disabled for classic.
  • -RaidDebuffs: Added up/down buttons to change debuffs position in the priority list (ticket #690)
    -Added suggested patch to fix Down click misbehavior when using Clique, thanks to Humfras (ticket #692)
  • -Fixing ticket #691, Eternal Palace RaidDebuffs not loaded after a d/c.
    -Using AceGUI library stable version.
  • -Alpha indicator: Now the default alpha can be configured (alpha when the indicator is not active), previously it was always full opaque(1).
    -Added an "Hide in Pet Battle" option in General>Appearance
    -Fixed a bug in "Show Frame" option, It was not working when "Display all groups" (in layout editor section) option was enabled.
  • -Directions status: removed guess direction option, cannot be used due to new nameplates restrictions
    -health-low status: now this status can be assigned to alpha indicator.
  • Fixing a crash when opening configuration (Ticket #684)
  • -Grid2 repackage with an AceGUI library alpha version (see ticket #683)
  • -Added Eternal Palace raid debuffs.
    -Added Operation: Mechagon instance debuffs
    -Workaround for ticket #682
  • Fixing: wrong auras displayed just when new unit frames are added (ticket #681)
  • TOC Update
  • -Alpha indicator: Minor speed optimization.
    -Alpha indicator: Now a global opacity can be specified (will be used instead of the opacity provided by the statuses) (see last comments on ticket #671).
    -Icons indicator: now a negative value can be set for the icons spacing option (must by typed manually) (ticket #678)
    -Buffs/Debuffs statuses: Now the buff/debuff Name or spellID can be changed for single buffs/debuffs.
  • -Fixing ticket (#677) Frames move with every UI reload when ElvUI is enabled
  • -Fixing minor issue in raiddebuffs config.
    -Now unit frames are visible if UI is reloaded in combat.
  • -Square indicator: Now indicator border color can be swapped with the main square/rectangle color.
    This allows to create extra border indicators, in this way:
    1. Create a new square indicator, and adjust position/size/framelevel, enabling rectangle option if necessary.
    2. Link the statuses we want to track to the indicator.
    3. Set a border size higher than 0
    4. Set a transparent color for the border (move down the opacity slider).
    5. Enable "Swap Colors" option, so the square will be filled with the transparent color (instead of the border).
    6. Ready, now the linked statuses colors will be used to draw the square border, and the square will remain transparent.
  • -Phased status, little optimization now timer is paused inside instances.
    -RaidDebuffs statuses now can be mapped to text indicators.
  • Fixing ticket #671 (now auras can be used with the alpha indicator)
  • -Fixing first part of ticket #669 (indicator sizes specified in themes were not used on theme changes).
  • -Added "Phased" status (in miscellaneos category)
    -Fixed a bug in auras management (auras were not disabled correctly)
    -Now values higher than 75 can be used for bars width and height (ticket #668)
    -Fixed a minor bug in debuffs creation window.
    -Now Buffs and Debuffs can be class specific (ticket #659):
    All buffs and debuffs have a new "Enabled for" option where one can select a toon class, if
    an aura is enabled for a class, the aura will be disabled for the rest of classes,
    this allows to use the same profile for several classes and to link a lot of auras to the
    same indicators without cpu performance cost.
  • Icon Indicator: Added and option to activate animations only when the indicator is activated (not on updates) (see ticket #665)
  • -Add some Crucible of Storm Raid Debuffs.
    -Fixing ticket #658 (Profile import crash if imported profile has custom layouts)
  • A new special buffs group status can be created (buffs:Blizzard), this status displays the same buffs
    than the blizzard default raid frames, can be linked only to an "icons" (plural) indicator.
    • Using softMin&softMax for indicator coordinates in config (allowing to bypass the 50 pixels limit).
    • Now a disabled Tooltip indicator is not reenabled when a config option is changed (see last comment on ticket #655).
  • -Fixing Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch BGs mapIds (ids changed in patch 8.1.5) (ticket #654)
  • Fixing ticket #652 (Random BGs always return raidsize 40)
    • Using a different workaround (a timer instead of UPDATE_RAID_INFO event) to fix ticket #641
    • Fixed Range&Role statuses possible crash when changing profiles (to update indicators inside OnEnable event is not allowed).
  • -Fixing ticket #649 (IsAddonMessagePrefixRegistered() does not exists)
    -Trying to fix ticket #641 for a second time (Wrong raid size in pvp)
    -Added mythic+ debuffs to the debuff creation dropdown list (typing "mythic" all debuffs are displayed in the dropdown)
  • Fixing Ticket #644 (Icons indicator showing buffs group not hiding buff that expires).
  • Fixing ticket #642 (Mana Bar appears empty for healers who respec)
    • Added 15 man raid size to Themes Conditions and Layout Sizes.
    • Fixing raid size issue in BGs, see ticket #641.
    • Added Grid2:SetDefaultTheme(theme) function, to allow to change the current theme
      from external sources like macros or other addons, "theme" parameter can be an index
      (starting in 0) or a theme name.
  • - Fixed a crash when a profile with disabled indicators is loaded.
  • Added some missing "Battle of Dazar'alor" Raid Debuffs.
  • -Added "portrait" indicator, it can display unit 2d, 3d model or class icon.
    -No portrait indicator is created by default, user must created the indicator manually.
  • -Fixing wrong profile export when multiple themes were defined (only one theme was exported).
    -Enhanced workaround for ticket #640: now all used backdrops are assigned only if the config has really changed to avoid delays (because SetBackdrop() method is awful slow). Now all backdrops are created using the same function, avoiding creating multiple tables for the same backdrop configuration, saving a bit of memory.
  • - Icons indicator issue fixed: Switching themes freezes the game for a second when a lot of icons indicators are defined (ticket #640)
  • Direction Status: Fixed a crash introduced in version r839 (Ticket #639)
  • -Fixing ticket #638 (buffs groups not showing up)
  • - Added Raid Debuffs for Battle of Dazar'alor and Crucible of Storms (Remember to go to "Statuses"->"Debuffs">"Raid Debuffs" to enable the raid debuffs for the new raids).
  • *Options inside "Debug" tab moved to "About" tab.
    *Reverted visual changes in option window to avoid confusion with new Themes configuration. Now the options to manage multiple themes are disabled by default and the grid2 window will display old style configuration, Themes Section is now hidden, only some minimal changes in General Section:
    • "General" Tab renamed to "Appearance".
    • "Misc" Tab renamed to "General".
    • Added new "Indicators" tab to configure default indicators values, and which indicators must be enabled/disabled.
      Now to enable Multiple Themes a checkbox placed in General Section/General Tab/Enable Themes must be checked, once enabled the "Themes" section becomes visible, and "Appearance", "Indicators" and "Layouts" tab in general options are moved to Default theme inside "Themes" Section. The Layout Editor is not moved to Themes section and it stays in General/Layouts Tab.
  • Fixing (for the second time) ticket #633 (Indicator configuration doesn't update correctly)
  • -Fixing ticket #633 (Indicator configuration doesn't update correctly)
  • Changed a bit the tooltip indicator code and configuration, now must be more intuitive.(see ticket #631)
  • Fixing #632 ticket ("Color Charmed Unit" option cannot be disabled)
  • -Range Status:
    Now "Heal Range" can be used in non healer specs (range status will use 38 yards range if no heal spell is available).
    Now "Heal Range" option is not class specific (the same profile will work for different heal classes).
    -Raid Debuffs:
    Added some code for develop & debug purposes (a hidden option to extract instances&bosses info from the Game Encounter Journal)
  • Added an stacks count activation threshold option to buffs and debuffs statuses (ticket #629)
  • -Workaround to blizzard securegroupheaders bug introduced in patch 8.1 (see ticket #628)
  • TOC Update
    • Icon Indicator: Now stack count text will be displayed over the cooldown animation, not applicable to icons(plural) indicator. (Ticket #623)
    • Health Updates: Removed normal update frequency, now only "Fast" and "Instant" updates are applicable. This must fix ticket #625.
    • Health Updates: "Fast" update frequency renamed to "Normal", so only "Normal" and "Instant" are available in configuration.
    • Themes: Now specialization theme rules/conditions are class specific. (Ticket #626).
  • Debuffs: Now mine & not-mine debuffs can be created, useful to track the new priest "Weakened Soul" debuff.
  • *Added a new "summon" status to track summoned players (summon accepted, declined,etc)(setup is under Miscellaneous category).
    *Using background textures instead of border textures for mouseover highlight texture option.
  • -Fixing readycheck status bug (when linked to icons indicator) (second issue in ticket #616)
  • -Minor changes in ReadyCheck status.
    -Fixed a minor issue in roster module.
  • -Now StatusAOE configuration allows to add more spells (spells with spellID>150000)
    -Using a standalone frame as parent for animation timers instead of the Grid2 main frame (because
    using Grid2 main frame, timers "Play" method is up to half million x times slower :O).
  • -Minor refactoring in roster management, role and ready check statuses.
    -Removed some debug code.
  • -Replace all AceTimers with built-in timers.
    -Removed AceTimer library.
    -Fixed a bug, auras tracking by spellID was not working.
  • - Fixed a crash due to a bug in conversion code from old custom layout format.
  • Fixed a crash with ancient user defined layouts.
  • *Removed a lot of layouts, now the only available built-in layouts are:
    By Group, By Class, By Role, By Group & Role.
    Deleted layouts can be recreated using the layout editor.
    *Added some defaults settings for layouts in General -> Layouts.
    *Improved the layout editor (in General -> Layouts): Now players NameLists filters can be defined.
    *Fixed a bug: not all players were visible in some Brawl instances when using some built-in layouts.
  • -Little optimization in Leader status.
    -Added "Combat" and "Combat:mine" statuses.
  • -Fixed a bug in StatusAuras/Multibars. "Val" values were not set to nil when a buff ends (ticket #609)
    -Workaround for a strange AceDialog/AceGUI/EditBox bug, occasionally, the first time Theme->General
    options are displayed, all slider editboxes display nothing: the sliders display the correct values but
    the editboxes are blank.
    -Fixed Minor bug in GridTestLayout.lua.
    -Fixed a lua error when moving grid2 main window in combat.
  • WARNING this version has massive changes, some crashes&bugs may be expected.
    -Fixed an issue with tooltips and clique (ticket #602)
    -Changed the way unit frames are registered on clique addon.
    -Removed some duplicated raid debuffs.
    -Refactored StatusAuras/Buffs/Debuffs code to avoid a lot of function calls.
    -Refactored the code of most timers.
    -Removed the main window background gradient and added an option to setup the background texture.
    -Removed the posibility to change profiles based on group type and raid size.
    -Options to remove or rename indicators have been moved to: Indicators -> Right Panel.
    -Added the posibility to have multiple "Themes", a different theme can be enabled for each especialization, group type or raid size.
    A theme defines:
    • Main window and unit frames appearance & position.
    • Some default values for indicators: bars orientation&texture, font, font size, icon size, etc.
    • A list of indicators enabled for the theme.
    • The layouts to be used.
      Indicators & Statuses are the same for all themes, but the displayed information & appearance can
      be customized enabling/disabling different indicators for each theme or using different default values
      per theme.
      People who do not want to use themes can locate the old appearance configuration (general&layouts) in the default theme:
      Left Panel -> Themes -> Default.
    • Fixing ticket #594, (whitelisted debuffs not displayed).
    • Fixing minor pets bug in GridLayout.
    • Debugging options now are global (instead of per profile).
  • Fixed a crash when changing profiles.
    • Fixing ticket #593 (Grid2 layouts not working in Brawl)
    • Cleaning a bit layouts definitions and layouts managemente code.
    • Refactored de Tooltip management code:
      • Now tooltip is a new indicator, configurable from Options -> Indicators -> tooltip
      • Statuses that can be assigned to the new tooltip indicator: Name, Banzai, RaidDebuffs, Debuffs (groups of debuffs)
  • RaidDebuffs: One more workaround for the never-ending ticket #588 (Uldir RaidDebuffs not loading).
  • -Fixed Status Range bug when changing profile.
    -RaidDebuffs: Workaround to try to fix ticket #588 (sometimes raiddebuffs not loaded).
  • -Fixed target status not updated when raid members were added or removed (ticket #581)
    -Fixed Buffs groups colors time tracking bug (ticket #590)
    -Fixed timetracker initialization bug in StatusAuras.lua (initialization code was executed multiple times instead of only once)
    -Some minor speed optimization tweaks in several statuses.
    -Added number of raid debuffs loaded in Grid2 LDB and Minimap tooltip.
  • Profiles management:
    • Now profile configurations by Raid Type (pvp/lfr/mythic/etc) are optional.
    • Removed "Raid(world)" & "Raid(other)" configurations, replaced by a simple "Raid" profile option.
  • -Fixing non self debuffs bug (ticket #582).
    -Layouts Editor: Added Role Order option (visible when Group By: "Role" is selected).
    -Refactored Profiles Management Code:
    *Removed libdualspec library (now grid2 own code handles spec profile changes).
    *"Advanced" tab renamed to "Import&Export"
    *New "Advanced" tab to configure advanced profiles:
    *Added "Enable profiles by Specialization" option to Advanced tab.
    *Added "Enable Profiles by Type of Group" option to Advanced tab. Enabling this option a different
    profile can be selected for each type of group: solo, party, arena, raid, etc.
    *Profiles "by spec" and "by type of group" can be enabled at the same time.
  • Added configuration options to Texture&Color mouseover Highlight.(ticket #580)
  • Raid Debuffs: Added a lot of 5man instances debuffs.
  • Fixed Grid2Options crash when game client is in windowed mode.
    • Removed duplicated raid debuffs.
    • Added some missing Uldir Raid Debuffs (thanks to Sixthumbs)
  • add a few more Uldir debuffs, thanks to JD
  • -Fixed banzai status.
    -Added a "Display Square" option to Icons indicator, enabling this option, the indicator will display a flat square instead the icon provided by the active status, useful to display a colorized square with an animation cooldown (see ticket #574).
  • Fixing Buffs status bug (ticket #573).
    • Speed optimization for Debuffs Groups statuses.
    • Minor code tweaks.
  • -Fixing bug in Dispellable debuffs filter status (ticket #572)
  • -Some tweaks to Debuffs status , trying to fix ticket #572.
    -Added Horizontal&Vertical position sliders to general options (ticket #454)
  • Fixed layouts by raid size functionality (ticket #570)
  • -Enabled right click menu functionality without clique addon.
    -Removed clickthrough option.
    -Removed old expansions raid debuffs
    -Simplified raid debuffs autodetection code.
    -Added Battle for Azeroth raid debuffs for 5man instances and Uldir raid.
    *** WARNING: This version will reset raid debuffs configuration on first run,
    all raid debuffs will by removed (even custom debuffs).
  • - Fixed Grid2RaidDebuffs crash (ticket #566)
  • Fixed Direction status crash.
  • -Fixed AOE Heals status (ticket #560)
    -Fixed Voice status (maybe, not tested).
  • -Fixed dispeleable debuffs crash (ticket #557)
    -Fixed Voice status crash, status was disabled, it does not work anymore(ticket #558)
    -Grid2RaidDebuffs: Due to Battle for Azeroth api changes WorldMapAreaIDs cannot be used anymore.
    So all WorldMapAreaIDs were converted to instanceMapIDs (8th parameter of GetInstanceInfo())
  • -Fixes for 8.0.1
  • clean out a few old class spells and fix a typo
  • huge whitespace cleanup and add .editorconfig file so this does not happen again. also fix some typos.
  • fix a typo and a nil check
  • Updated Antorus raid debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug in status debuffs code.
    • Fixing ticket #525 (refactored hide blizzard raid frames code)
    • Added a filter in "Debuffs" statuses to display only debuffs the player can dispell/cure (#520).
      Debuffs statuses can be created going to Statuses -> Debuffs -> Right Panel ->
      Select "Debuffs" -> Type a name for the status -> Create Debuff
  • RaidDebuffs, added debuffs for:
    Karazhan, Cathedral of eternal night, The Seat of the Triumvirate (5man)
    Antorus, the Burning Throne (raid)
  • TOC Update
    Fixed ticket #519
    Fixed ticket #514
  • Added Tomb of Sargeras raiddebuffs (thanks to Benea & Skyburn), ticket #511
  • -Fixed ticket #504
    -Workaround to try to fix ticket #506
  • -TOC Update.
    -Fixed ticket #503 (raiddebuff id fix).
    -Minor changes.
    • Added an "Indicators" tab for each status to direct link/unlink indicators to the status (multibar indicators cannot be assigned from this new tab).
    • Now status delete button displays a message when the status cannot be deleted (ticket #481)
  • Added Nighthold raiddebuffs #499 (thanks to Xerxes)
    Added missing power types #500 (thanks to Xeveran)
  • Ticket #494: Added Trial of Valor raid debuffs (thanks to Xerxes13)
  • Fixed ticket #492
  • Fixed ticket #391
  • Added direction arrows status.
  • Added an option to disable Right-Click Menu. Ticket #464
  • Fixing ticket #477. Changed range heal spell for priests to "Leap of Faith", thanks to Xerxes13.
  • Fixed ticket #461 (health instant updates doesn't update on pet resummons)
  • RaidDebuffs: Added Legion raiddebuffs for raids, world bosses and 5man instances.
    The Legion module must be enabled in raiddebuffs configuration options.
  • -Moved Healing spells tracking status from AOE-Heals module to Grid2 Core.
    -Removed AOE-Heals module (motive: Blizzard disabled unit position tracking in Legion)
    -Removed Direction Status (motive: Blizzard disabled unit position tracking in Legion)
    -Range Status: Added a new option in configuration to track units checking a healing spell range, this must fix range issues for some healing clases (goto Statuses>Target&Distances>Range to select the new option)
    • Fixed AoeHeals crash
    • Added a new by role x10 layout.
    • Minor changes in configuration options.
  • Tagging as r789-release
  • Update TOC for Patch 7.0.3
  • SetChange => SetFrom/ToAlpha
  • Fixed some issues with OmniCC.
  • Release
  • Enhanced the Layouts selection section:
    ** General
    Basic layout selection options.
    ** By Instance Type (old Advanced tab)
    Layout selection by instance type: lfr/flexible/mythic, etc
    ** By Raid Size (old Misc tab)
    Layout selection by group/raid size: solo/5man/10man/20man etc.
    Custom frame sizes can be assigned too as in previous beta.
    Layouts configured in the "By Raid Size" tab have priority over layouts configured in "By Instance Type" Tab:
    By Raid Size > By Instance Type > General
  • Fixing ticket #442 (Background frame was not following unit frames in some circumstances)
    • "Icons" indicator: Fixing a crash in some circumstances. Now the update code will check if the unit frame is valid (it has a unit assigned) (ticket #452)
    • "Icons" indicator: Wrong icons could be displayed for some statuses (like dungenrole). A missing SetTexCoord was added to fix the problem.
  • -Added the possibility to configure different frame sizes based on the maximum number of players of each instance.
    Go to General->Layouts->Misc to configure frames width/height for: solo/5man/20man, etc.
    -Added the possibility to configure different frame sizes for each layout.
    Go to General->Layouts->Layout Editor.
    *Layout configuration has priority over instances configuration.
  • -Hellfire Citadel Tyrant Velhary Encounter Max Health Fix:
    Now Grid2 can adjust players max health relative to the Aura of Contempt debuff.
    The option is not enabled by default.
    Goto Statuses -> Health&Heals category -> Right Panel -> HFC Velhari maximum health fix toggle.
    To enable or disable the option.
    -Buff/Debuffs groups: Partial fix for ticket #444
    -Updated hellfire citadel raid debuffs (ticket #445)
  • Added some missing raid debuffs for Hellfire Citadel raid, ticket #443 (thanks to Drozo).
  • RaidDebuffs: Added Hellfire Citadel raid debuffs.
  • TOC Update
    Target status fix to ensure only one target is enabled.
    Banzai status fix.
  • Multibar Indicator: Added a "Reverse" option for the MainBar.
    Added a confirm dialog to the Layouts Editor delete button.
  • Now Grid2 Options are not embedded in Interface -> Addons panel, only a button to display the config window is created.
    This must fixed ticket #427
  • Fixing textures for "show if missing" auras, ticket #428
  • Fixed possible infinite loop in minimapicon layouts menu.
  • No changes
  • Profile export/import, added renamed indicators table.
  • Direction status: Added an option to colorize the status by distance.
    Added a button in Profiles>Advanced to clean current profile database (removes obsolete/unused/wrong statuses,indicators,etc)
    • Disabled aoe-Chain Heals status, due to changes in the chain heals mechanics, this status has no utility anymore, a aoe-neighbors status can be used instead to track clustered people.
    • Some bug fixes and improvements in aoe-heals status
  • -Bar Indicator: Improved "invert color" option, now is usable by more than one bar, see ticket #420
    -Renamed aoe-OutoingHeals status to aoe-heals, enhancements:
    • Now can track heals casted by any player.
    • Several aoe-heals statuses can be created to track different heals, for example, a shaman resto could setup one status to track units affected by his Healing Rain, and another status of the same type to track the usage of all Raid heal cooldowns: Tranquility, Tide Totem, Himn, etc.
    • Updated Blackrock Foundry raid debuffs.
    • Improved frame units right click menu (clique addon is needed to enable this menu)
    • StatusMana: Code optimization when the "hide mana of non healers" option is enabled.
    • Updated spanish localization.
    • Fixed crash in icons indicators: ticket #417
  • Removed some unused code.
  • Debuffs status:
    Added an option to colorize the status using the debuff type color.
    Icon and icons indicators can apply this color to the icon border (if a border for the indicator is configured and "Use status color" option is enabled)
    • TOC Update
    • Fixed a crash in raid debuffs options when load on demand was not active.
    • Improved bosses detection in raid debuffs, now must detect bosses in low level 5 man instances.
  • Status Range: Added a color option.
  • RaidDebuffOptions: Fixed a crash when changing autodetection status.
    Added extra info to the Grid2 tooltip.
    Added some missing 5 man instances raiddebuffs.
    Removed some debug messages.
  • Refactored RaidDebuffsOptions code, no visible changes, better boss detection.
    StatusMana, now player mana is displayed when alone.
  • RaidDebuffs: Fixed world boss Rukhmar zoneId.
  • Mana Status
    • a new option to hide mana of non-healer players
    • Added a minimap Icon, the icon can be disabled/enabled from config: Grid2>General>Misc
    • Changed raid debuffs database/table format of all modules.
    • Updated World of Draenor module, added all 5-man instances.
    • Added Raid debuffs Autodetection System: Enabling the option, the addon will collect all new raid debuffs and generate
      zones/bosses/debuffs in a new [Custom Debuffs] section. In this new section all autodetected and custom created debuffs are displayed. The autodetection option is automatic disabled if the UI is reloaded or WOW is closed.
      ** Note for mantainers/developers **
      Enabling Raid2Debuffs debugging (General>Debug), a Gen.Lua button becomes visible in Debuffs Tab.
      This button generates the LUA source code containing the debuffs database of the current selected module.
  • *Internal changes:
    • Refactored buffs/debuffs management code and splited statuses in different files, now must be a bit more easy to understand/maintain.
    • Changed icons indicator/auras statuses interface code to avoid generating memory garbage.
    • Added a profileshutdown event to unregister indicators/statuses.
    • User visible changes:
      Now buffs/debuffs groups are named simply Buffs/Debuffs.
      Now "Debuffs" statuses will track/display all debuffs on players.
      Several filtering options for Debuffs can be configured to show/hide:
      -Boss Debuffs/non boss debuffs,
      -Long duration debuffs/Short duration debuffs
      -Self/Non Self debuffs
      -Debuffs Whitelist or Blacklist can be configured too.
      Several "Debuffs" statuses can be created, for example one status to track Boss debuffs, another to track non boss debuffs or long duration debuffs, etc.
      Warning !!!! this version has a lot of internal changes, it's really Alpha, please report any crash.
  • Fixed a crash in statusauras module with boss debuffs.
    • Fixed Indicator Tests crash with multibars. Ticket #410
    • Fixed "Icons" creation indicator crash when an invalid anchor point was selected.
    • Changed "Icons" indicator behaviour, now will display all statuses linked to the indicator, not only the first active indicator.
  • Added a new indicator "icons". Groups of buffs or debuffs can be assigned to this indicator, and in theory the indicator will spawn several icons, one icon for each active buff/debuff.
    • Now buffs&debuffs statuses can be configured to monitorize and display an additional value.
      Not all auras have extra values, examples of auras providing additional info are:
      All priest shields, for example buff Power Word:Shield can be configured now to
      track the remaining amount of the shield. The value can be displayed in a text, bar or in a
      square indicator configuring several colors/thresholds.
    • Removed dk-purgatory status, it's not necessary anymore, a standard debuff can be created to
      track the same information, create a purgatory debuff and configure the debuff to track Value1.
    • Updated buffs and debuffs displayed in the create buff/debuff drop down list.
  • Fixed incoming-heals status: include player heals option was not working (ticket #407)
  • Tagging as r751
  • Fixed By Class Layout.
    Fixed a Grid2LDB issue.
    Little optimization in multibar indicator.
    Removed upper limit for frames width and height configuration.
  • StatusAuras:
    • Fixed typeDebuffs crash when a duration threshold was configured. Ticket #374.
    • Removed a workaround to druid wildgrowth expiration time bug (it seems blizzard fixed the issue time ago).
    • Fixed NONE layout (amazing!, it was not working).
    • Fixed raid debuffs encounter journal links (for WOD raids only)
    • Minor optimizations in multibar indicator.
    • Now indicators can be renamed.
    • Now text shadows can be disabled.
    • Added new status "my-heals-incoming".
    • Added new indicator "multibar": this indicator manages up to 6 stacked bars, including reverse bars.
    • Removed some erroneous files.
      From previous revision:
    • Fixed layout selection in Grid2LDB
    • Added a reverseFill option for Bar Indicators. Ticket #358
    • Now auras "show if missing" option will ignore pets. Ticket #403
    • Added an new toggle option in incoming-heals status to substract heal absorbs from incoming heals.
    • Removed "TortosCrystalShell" status.
    • Removed "boss-shields" status.
    • Added a new "heal-absorbs" status: display remaining amount of heal absorb shields from any source: bosses, player spells, etc.
    • Refactored absorb shields code: Removed absorb-above-maxHP, absorb-below-maxHP and absorb-total statuses. Replaced with the already existing status: "shields". This status can be attached to the health bar like absorb-below-max-hp, or linked to a standalone bar/text/square indicator to display total shield absorb value.
    • Colors based on shield absorb value can be configured now for "shields" status. Ticket #336
    • Fixed ticket 384 (now custom shields cannot be defined in shields status so i bet the problem was gone)
  • Interface:
    • Fixed layout selection in Grid2LDB
    • Added a reverseFill option for Bar Indicators. Ticket #358
    • Now auras "show if missing" option will ignore pets. Ticket #403
    • Added an new toggle option in incoming-heals status to substract heal absorbs from incoming heals.
    • Removed "TortosCrystalShell" status.
    • Removed "boss-shields" status.
    • Added a new "heal-absorbs" status: display remaining amount of heal absorb shields from any source: bosses, player spells, etc.
    • Refactored absorb shields code: Removed absorb-above-maxHP, absorb-below-maxHP and absorb-total statuses. Replaced with the already existing status: "shields". This status can be attached to the health bar like absorb-below-max-hp, or linked to a standalone bar/text/square indicator to display total shield absorb value.
    • Colors based on shield absorb value can be configured now for "shields" status. Ticket #336
    • Fixed ticket 384 (now custom shields cannot be defined in shields status so i bet the problem was gone)
  • Grid2Layout: Added extra frame for background and border textures, to be able to resize grid2 window in combat. Changed grid2 window resizing code to fix ticket 401.
    StatusRange: Fixed range issue for player in arena, now party layouts are not allowed for arenas: use a raid layout like "by group","by role", etc.
  • Fixing a LayoutEditor bug, now new created custom layouts are correctly displayed in "Raid" option.
    To fix already created layouts: go to the layout editor tab, select the customs layouts (no modification needed),
    and return to the General or Advanced tab.
    Custom layouts are using a new group by "Role" system, if some old custom layout was using the group by "Role" option, this setting will be ignored by the editor, simply reselect "By Role" option.
  • Fixed "By Role" layout, now must display all players when in Party.
    CurrentHealth status changed, now three frequency update options are available:
    Normal: React to standard UNIT_HEALTH event.
    Fast: React to UNIT_HEALTH and UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENCY (undocumented event). Slightly more cpu usage.
    Instant: Track combatlog events to update healths as fast as possible, much more cpu usage.
    Default value: Normal Recomended value: Fast.
  • Revamped the Layouts management code.
    Now most layouts are dynamic, for example selecting "By Group" layout the displayed groups are automatic adjusted to fit the maximum players of the instance. If someone wants to display all groups. a non dynamic 40 players layout can be selected too.
    Now "By Role" layouts will work fine, sort order is: tanks, healers, damagers, none.
    Basic options to configure layouts for: solo, party, arena, raid
    Optional Advanced tab to configure layouts for different instances: BGs,LFR, Flexible raids, Mythic raids, other, not in instance/in world.
  • Reverted r739 statushealth changes
  • Cleaned some layouts related code, and added a new layout. Now all 40 layouts are selectable in any raid size.
    Fixed ticket 395.
    Added new event to catch health changes.
  • Fix for wrong bars positions when background color is enabled in bar indicators.
    Fix aoeheals crash in big raids.
    Now custom layouts can be selected for any raid size (already made layouts must be recreated)
    Added heals multiplier configuration option for incoming heals indicator (its not accurate, use with caution).
    Fix incorrect zoneId for Spires of Arak instance.
  • Added Clarity of Will (Priest) to Shields absorb status
  • Added WoD RaidDebuffs list from SkamerEU.
  • Added WoD RaidDebuffs structure (only categories, no debuffs added yet) for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.
  • Fix for ticket #379
  • Load raid40 layout in Molten Core.
  • Fix for disabled "Create Indicator" button when trying to create an indicator without grid2 showing any unit.(ticket #363)
  • Don't call deleted functions in AoeHeals.lua
  • forgot { groupFilter = "6" }
  • Allow flex normal/heroic layout to scale to 30.
  • All GetPlayerMapPosition() to UnitPosition()
  • Correct layout should load defaultly for mythic.
  • add raid20 here, too
  • Hide Countdown Numbers on icon indicators
  • raid20 layout
  • add ByGroup20 and ByGroup20/wPets layouts
  • no longer using libMapData for mapdata
  • toc bump
  • -class/creature colors should properly update after "charmed" fades
    -added "Locked On" and "Mark of Anguish" to SoO RD list
  • Fixed lua error caused by "ElvUI Raid Markers"
  • Using LibMapData-1.0 for AoE heals now.
  • toc update
  • -updated RaidDebuffs for SoO and Timeless Isle
    -fixed raid icon's opacity (ticket #345)
  • RaidDebuffs:
    -added EncounterJournal link to each boss/instance with an EJ section
    -boss names are now localized(pulled from EJ)
    -few more changes to make it more user friendly
    -more filtering options added
  • Fixed a bug in previous commit.
  • AoeHealsStatusOutgoing
    -Added "Reset Spells" button to the UI
    -Fixed MoP SpellID changes
    -Fixed SPELL_PERIODIC_HEALs not showing
    -removed Divine Hymn(Priest) - you can add this as a buff instead
    -added Holy Word: Sanctuary(Priest)
    -added Holy Prism(Paladin)
    -added Light Hammer(Paladin)
    -added Chi Torpedo(Monk)
    -added Chi Burst(Monk)
    -added Zen Sphere: Detonate(Monk)
    -added Chi Wave(Monk)
    -added Swiftmend(Druid)
  • add PW:S from DI procs
  • Let's escalate some TOCs! (5.3 Update)
  • Direction status
    -added few sanity checks
    -added options to always show target/mouseover/tanks regardless of range, visibility or "death" state.
    Dungeon Role status
    -added option to show different iconset
  • remove promoted checks for ready check status
  • Fix for ticket 328 - no longer using raid layouts when in raid zone without raid group.
  • Refixed the mapName to mapID saved settings transition error caused by LBZ spelling errors or users trying to replace LBZ with LBSZ.
  • fix (at least silence) the error that happened after the LBZ removal
  • fix indentation
  • fix indentation
  • fix that toc, too
  • revert toc bustage
  • Added new bar statuses which have maximum value derived from maximum HP:
    absorb-below-maxHP(can be used instead of healing-incoming) and absorb-above-maxHP - calculated using new 5.2 API UnitGetTotalAbsorbs instead of UnitAura tooltip values
  • Removed deprecated LibBabble-Zone, using GetCurrentMapAreaID instead.
    (Partially changes from ticket 332, thanks kolod.)
    Added a few missed debuffs into Throne of Thunder list.
  • Tagging as 699
  • TOC and 5.2 Updates
  • preferredIndex = 3 => STATICPOPUP_NUMDIALOGS
  • Updated Toc to 50100
    Fixing ShieldStatus bug, ticket #327
  • Low-Health status: Now the low health threshold can be specified as an absolute value (ticket #319): See statuses > Health&Heals > Low-Health options.
  • AOE-PrayerofHealing status: Added an option to display all heal targets, instead of only one target per group (ticket #316)
    • Removed class filter options for all buffs/debuffs.
    • Optimized WoW range bug Workaround in StatusRange (not tested in group/raid)
    • Added Monk default indicators/statuses/buffs to new created profiles.
    • Added LifeCocoon Monk shield to shields status.
    • Added some Monk buffs to the new buff dropdown search list.
    • Now Grid2Options cannot be loaded while in combat: this is to avoid a CPU usage limit error. Configuration still can be accessed while in combat, but the addon must be previously loaded, for example opening and closing the configuration window while the player is out of combat.
  • Tagging as r691
  • Tagging as 691
  • Fixing pet range issue.
  • Grid2: Removed Cataclysm compatibility code.
    RaidDebuffs: Fixing "Mogu'shan Vaults" instance name.
  • More status shields fixes, thanks to Monda12 (ticket #313)
    Updated Chinese localization, thanks to sheahoi.
  • Fixing border texture issue (ticket #297)
    • Added new status: Self (Targeting&Distances category) (ticket #309)
    • Refactored Shields status to use spellIds instead of spellnames when
      tracking combatlog events, this must fix some issues when different buffs have the same name. As side effect, now spell names cannot be specified in custom shields, only spell Ids are allowed (ticket #312).
    • Changed Illuminated healing shield spellId (ticket #311)
  • Updated shields spells and now the status must not crash if a spellId does not exists (ticket #304).
    Changed grace buff spellID (ticket #302)
    Added "Power Word: Fortitude" to the new buff dropdown list.
    Updated italian localization.
  • MoP Version
  • TOC Updated to Wow5
    Fixing LFR raid size issues (ticket 298, 299).
    Fixing role and ready check statuses (ticket 300).
  • Fixing MoP range issues. Thanks to Riory.
    • Fixed a crash in status shields.
    • More MoP compatibility code:
      Fixed Range Check for MoP.
      Added MoP RaidDebuffs, thanks to Kaleide.
  • Added Italian localization. Thanks to DeaGato.
    AoeHeals: Added MoP zones.
  • MoP Beta compatibility.
    Now buffs and debufs can be colorized based on elapsed time.
    Added Runescroll of Fortitude: II buff in options.
    Range status for 40 yards is broken in Mop Beta: disable the status or change the range check to 28 yards in config. Waiting for a blizzard UnitInRange fix.
    • Added an animation (zoom) option to icon indicators. Disabled by default.
    • Removed some unnecesary update code (i wish) in health/death statuses.
    • Added Yorshaj fixate to RaidDebuffs:
      Warning deep corrupcion and fixate can be enabled at the same time, so the status will display only the debuff with higher priority (the first debuff in the boss debuffs list), if you want to see both debuffs, move fixate to another raiddebuff status for example to RaidDebuffs2 and assign this status to another icon indicator)
    • Aoe-OutgoingHeals
      The minimun value for active time is now 0.2 seconds, warning assigning an active time below 2 seconds will generate a blink in the status (for each heal tick), this is not bug.
    • Indicators Blink: Using blizzard animations for blink effect, reducing the cpu usage. As side effect the blink option has been removed, only flash effect for blink can be used.
    • Otimizations and code cleaning here and there.
    • Bug fix in Raid debuffs options, now copying raiddebuffs to standard debuffs must not crash.
    • Removed utf8 library (moved the code to GridUtils, i dont like to use a standalone library for 12 lines of code).
    • Text indicators: Stop using Ace timers to update text durations, now the code uses only one blizzard animation group timer for all texts displayed, reducing the cpu usage.
    • Death status:
      Refactored, this must fix the ticket #286 too (not tested).
    • Offline status:
      Changed the way offline condition is detected. Now an unit
      logout must be instant detected (instead of 20 seconds after the logout).
      As side effect a unit reconnection may not be instant detected. Its not
      posible to fix this, due to a bug/weird behaviour in blizzard connection api.
    • Added an option in General>Layout to configure the strata of Grid2 frame.
    • Aoe-neighbors configuration, added a sanity check, now invalid spells are
      not allowed.
  • Grid2RaidDebuffs: Better instance detection, using GetRealZoneText() if GetInstanceInfo() translation is not available.
    This must fix the Dragon Soul detection problem in french client (blizzard is using two different french translations for Dragon Soul instance)
    Incoming-heals: now the incoming heals cache is cleared when units join or left the raid.
    Minor changes in Grid2Options.
  • Fixing a crash in debuffTypes statuses when changing profiles (Ticket #283)
  • StatusAuras: Changed the way DebuffTypes were processed, now they work like a standard debuff, simplyfing a bit the code, as side effect now
    DebuffTypes can display stack count and cooldown animations in icon indicators.
    Layouts: Removed "battleground" and "raid20" layout options (they were non working options), fixed "arena" layout option, now must work.
    Fixed the indicators "change type" option, that was misplaced.
    Added localization files for ptBR.
  • Grid2Options:
    Removed AceGUI-3.0-Spell-Editbox widget, replaced with AceGUI-3.0-Search-EditBox.
    Changes in buffs and debuffs options.
    Fixing a crash when blink option was enabled or disabled.
  • Grid2Options:
    Removed AceGUI-3.0-Spell-Editbox widget, replaced with AceGUI-3.0-Search-EditBox.
    Changes in buffs and debuffs options.
    Fixing a crash when blink option was enabled or disabled.
  • Some optimizations:
    -Now precalculated backdrop tables are used for all frames and indicators, reducing the load time (not noticeable) and the memory garbage generated when Grid2 is loaded.
    -Changes in the status/indicator constructors and metatables to avoid using two extra tables.
    • Changed the way percent values are queried to statuses, now text indicators (configured to display percents) must not display percent values for statuses like "Death", "Offline", etc instead the normal status text is displayed (see comments on ticket #282)
    • Added all supported font flags in "Font Border" options (now monochrone(sharp)/antialiases(soft) borders can be selected)
    • Removed the "Disable Stack" toggle option in icon-indicators configuration, now to disable the stacks text, select "None" in the "Text Location" option.
    • aoe-heals module, some minor changes to reduce code size and changed the "type" of all aoe-heals statuses, the change must be transparent for the user, but some old profiles may not be updated, if this happens the aoe-heals statuses will not be visible: the way to fix the issue is to install previous version (alpha or beta dont matter), load grid2+AoeHeals for the broken players, and then install this version.
  • Fixing ticket #282 (shields not cleared when unit dies in spine of deathwing.)
  • Grid2Options trillion changes:
    • This module has been full refactored, all code splitted in small files, rewrited and simplified, now its much more easy to maintain and understand.
    • Some little visual changes in statuses: more information is displayed for each status, like the indicator compatibility.
    • Raid debuffs configuration has been moved to Statuses -> Debuffs -> Raid Debuffs.
    • Implemented a load on demand feature, now the status and indicator configuration is loaded when the user clicks on each option, this has some advantages:
    • Reduces the initial load time and memory usage.
    • The options window will be displayed even if some status/indicator option crashes.
    • If this new feature generates any problem, it can be disabled in General -> Miscelaneous tab.
  • Tagging as r664
  • koKR update
  • Grid2Options: fixing (ticket #281):
    If a global table called "options" was declared by any another addon,
    Grid2Options was accidentally using this variable, generating a crash.
    The only addon i know that declares a global "options" variable,
    is DPSTime, but its not maintained so the bug in DPStime cannot be fixed.
  • Auras: "show if not mine" option was not working fixed (i wish not tested)
    Other minor fixes.
  • Raid debuffs: Fixing ticket #278, configuration must not crash now if a spell does not exists, removed no existant spell in zulaman zone.
  • Raid Debuffs module: Zone changes were not detected so rauddebuffs for a new zone were not loaded, fixed.
    aoe-neighbors: Added a health threshold option for this status (not tested).
    Role related statuses: Added a "Hide in combat" option for all role statuses.
    Buff/debuff creation: Added Ace-Gui spell-edit-box wigdet, a dropdown list with available buffs/debuffs is displayed now.
  • Raid Debufs module has been full rewritten to support multiple statuses (report any posible crash or issue with the new module)
    Now up to 4 additional statuses can be created: Raid Debuffs(2), Raid Debufs(3), etc.
    In Raid Debufs General tab, two new buttons to create or remove the extra statuses has been added.
    In Advanced options each debuff can be assigned individually to a different Raid debuff status.
    Now when the track by spell id option is enabled for a debuff, all debuffs with the same name will
    be automatically tracked by spell id too.
    Some changes in boss shields status to fix a bug that prevents to hide the status when the shield was gone,
    not tested yet
  • Oops, I broke the raid debuffs configuration if some change was done inside a instance, fixed.
    • More optimizations.
    • boss-shields status has been included in grid2 (Grid2BossShields is not needed anymore as separate addon),see Miscelaneous statuses group.
    • Raid debuffs instance detection has been improved (previous version did not load Dragon Soul debuffs if the player was in Ultraxion zone).
  • Warning !!! massive internal changes have been made to reduce memory usage and clean up a bit the core code, this is really an alpha version, keep with lastest beta version if you dont want to experiment:
    *Statuses default values are not saved in profiles, this will reduce the memory and disk usage specially if multiple profiles are used: saving about 200k of memory (for 32bits client, 400k for 64bits client) with 3 profiles for example, and reducing the saved variables file size by 60%-70%.
    *Some statuses has been included in the same file and/or refactored to avoid code duplication.
    *Grid2Layout positioning code has been refactored.
    *Added the blizzard units dropdown menu to the Grid2 unit frames:
    -Grid2 does not provide any way to display this menu, Clique (or similiar addon) is needed to be able to display the menu (binding some mouse or keyboard combination to the "unit menu").
    -Warning: the Set Focus option will fail, blizzard has been broken this option long time ago and cannot be used by any addon.
    *RaidDebuffs options:
    Now raid-debufs list is sorted by priority, to change the priorities disable and reenable the raid-debufs in a different order, first debuff enabled has more priority than last debuff enabled.
  • Tagging as r654
    Fixing a bug in icon-indicators: stacks text was not displayed if icon cooldown animation was enabled.
  • Fixing a bug in icon-indicators: Stacks text gets hidden when a debuff has no expiration or duration time and cooldown animation is enabled.
  • Tagging as r652
    Main changes:
    Added threshold coloring based on remaining time for Buffs.
    Auras can be tracked by spell id.
    Added debuff filtering for Debuff Types (Magic, Poison, etc)
    Remaining time/stacks text formatting is configurable now.
    Added an option to hide blizzard raid frames.
    Several bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Using Blizzard animations for auras and range statuses timers (this must decrease the cpu usage a bit).
    Icon Indicators: Now stack text is painted above cooldown spiral (fixing ticket #276)
    Raid Debuffs: Optionally raid debuffs can be tracked by spellId instead of debuff name
    (a new option to enable spellid tracking has been added into raid debuffs configuration).
    • Added auras tracking by SpellId. A new checkbox in buffs/debuffs configuration has been added to enable the feature (ticket #271).
      This feature can only be enabled if a spellId has been typed in the aura name when the buff/debuff was created.
    • Added texts formatting configuration in General -> Misc Tab -> Text formating (ticket #275).
      The defined text format is used in text indicators to display elapsed time,duration, duration+stacks and elapsed+stacks values.
  • Fixing a minor bug in buff/debuffs configuration.
    Now when two debuffs with the same name are active, raiddebuffs displays the one with higher stacks.
    This must fix the problem with "Deep corruption" debuff in Yorshaj Heroic.
  • Added debuff filtering support for Debuff Types (magic,poison,etc) (ticket #267)
    Removed class filter option for debuffs (since this option was not implemented and it has never worked)
    Added an option to hide blizzard raid frames (Check "Misc" tab) (ticket #269)
  • Fixed a issue in Offline status, some times status was not cleared.
    Added some missing raid debuffs for Hagara boss.
  • Changed .pkgmeta
  • Grid2:
    Some optimizations in range status.
    Using sharedmediawidgets for font/texture selections.
    Fixed a bug in lowmana and health-low statuses options.
    Added a default font option in general configuration, selected font is used for text indicators.
  • Grid2: Disabling tooltips in combat was not working, fixed.
    AoeHeals: Fixing PrayerOfHealing crash, when raid group1 is empty or does not have any valid unit (outofrange,death,etc) (ticket #266)
  • AOE Heals: Modified some code to ensure entering combat is always detected.
    Raid Debuffs: Added some missing Raid Debuffs for Baradin Hold and Madness of Deathwing.
  • Implemented a workaround to WildGrowth jumping colors. See comments in ticket #263.
  • Adding threshold coloring based on remaining time for Buffs (ticket #263)
  • Fixing ticket #264 (incoming heals bar not visible with invert bar color option enabled)
  • Shields status: Added threshold colors and blink options (see ticket #262). Thanks to Enyim.
    Shield status: Fixed a bug with mage mana shield (and maybe another shields), this shields are not ignored now.
    raid-icon statuses: Improved cache management to avoid incorrect updates when a player joins or leaves the raid.
    Blink module: Fixing a crash when blink type was changed from options.
  • Incoming heals status:
    Fixed a glitch in heal-bar indicator, when a unit with incoming heals dies.
    Some DragonSoul floors sizes were wrong, fixed.
    Map size was not updated when changing floor, fixed.
    Fixed a crash when debug mode was enabled for this module.
  • Tagging as r637
  • AOE Heals: Replaced HealingRain status with a more general status: AOE Outgoing Heals.
    This status highlights units receiving the player aoe heals.
    Tracked heals are customizable, you can add or remove heals from options.
  • Updated TOC to 4.3
  • Changed sharedmedia libray path in pkgmeta.
  • Added sharedmedia library. Refactored code related to libsharedmedia.
    • AOE Heals: Added aoe-HealingRain status, this status marks units receiving player healing rain heals.
    • An optional background color can be selected for bar indicators.
    • Bar indicators can be anchored to another bar indicators: heals-bar is anchored to health-bar now.
      This change fix the problem when a cell becomes semitransparent and the heals-bar were visible behind the health bar.
      If incoming heals dont work or they are displayed in a wrong position, check the new option "Anchor to" in heals-bar configuration: your health bar must be selected in this option.
    • Removed bar-color and text-color indicators from indicator list: indicator-color options have been moved to a new tab called "Colors" in bar and text indicators configuration.
    • Fixing AoeHeals bug when "Hide on Cooldown was checked" (ticket 260)
    • Importing profiles with custom layouts does not delete previous custom layouts.
    • Simplified Instant/QuickHealth code.
  • Added Raid Debuffs for new Dragon Soul Raid Bosses (currently only working for english language because libbablezone library translations are not updated yet).
    Custom layouts can be included in exported profiles.
    Minor changes in timer management for health statuses.
    Changed Feign Death status to use UNIT_AURA instead UNIT_HEALTH event.
    • AoeHeals: Removed libmapdata library: using own map sizes database (saving abount 200k memory and running faster)
    • AoeHeals: Added support for PTR4.3, 5 man instances and DragonSoul Raid (not tested all map floors)
    • Added banzai-threat status (this status marks targets of hostile units and detects temporary target changes)
    • Minor optimizations in healths and mana statuses.
  • Added DK blood shield to Shields status.
  • Added shields status: tracks druid, priest, paladin and mage absorb shields (look health&heals category).
    Refactored all health statuses.
    Removed Frequent updates option of health status (because this is the default behavior now).
    Simplified health instant updates code.
  • Added "Instant Updates" option to Health status.
    Enabling this option units health changes are updated very fast, using combat_log events.
    Warning this option is in a early alpha status.
    • Fixing the libsharedmedia issue (ticket 254)
    • Raid Debuffs are compatible with text indicators now (not tested but must work i wish)
    • Debuffs are inmediatly updated now when raid debuffs are added/deleted from options.
      No reload/exit/enter instance is needed now.
    • Fixing a crash/bug in the new layout editor, when group by class option was selected.
  • Fixing a crash in text indicator. (ticket #252)
  • Threat status blink effect can be disabled now.
    Stack text of icon indicators is visible now even if the text is bigger than then icon width.
  • Added a Simple Layout Editor (New Advanced Tab under Layouts Tab).
    Users can create new custom layouts, the layout scale can be defined too.
    The editor does not allow to change the Grid2 standard layouts,
    only new custom layouts can be created/edited (The only exception the layout Scale option).
    Updated french , german and russion translations, thanks to Pettigrow, Kel9290, archiv, tempechat and farook.
  • Added "Use status color" option in icon indicators settings.
    Minor appearance changes in indicators options.
  • Added a new Aoe Heals module (not enabled by default). See ticket #243 for more info.
    An optional font black border for text indicators can be enabled.
    Stack texts of icon indicators have an black border now.
    Some optimizations in text indicators.
  • Tagging as r619
  • Fixing an incorrect method name.
  • Fixing the non visible frames, caused when different versions
    of AceAddon library are installed.
  • No real changes, forcing a repackaging
    with new ace libraries.
  • Tagging as r615
  • Fix: Group of buffs/debuffs not updating correctly (ticket #242)
  • Added: "Show elapsed time" option in Text Indicators. When enabled the indicator shows the time elapsed since a buff/debuff has been applied (instead of displaying remaining time)
    Now heals:color indicator is mapped to classcolor status in default configuration.
  • Tagging as r612
  • Fixing a bug in power status: runic power was not correctly handled (ticket #239)
  • Changed the name of the grid2 white flat texture
    to avoid a conflict with a Recount texture.
  • Fixing the darken colors in square indicators (Grid2 White flat texture was not correctly registered in libsharedmedia)
  • Added power status (shows mana, rage, energy and runic power).
    Cells border texture is configurable now.
    Square indicators background texture is configurable now.
    Width and Height of square indicators can be adjusted independently (see "Rectangle" option).
    Optimizations in bar, square and icon indicators.
  • Added Frame Level option to all indicators.
    Now by default new text indicators have a higher frame level than square indicators.
  • Making StatusRes compatible with color type statuses.
    Optimization in all Healths statuses.
  • Making color statuses compatible with percent indicators.
    Increasing frame levels a indicator can be assigned to.
  • Moved "Opacity" and "Invert Bar Color" settings, from bar indicator to bar-color indicator.
  • Added an opacity setting in bar indicators (can be used to set the transparency of heal-incomings bars)
  • Added Resurrection Status (under "Combat" Category)
    Added Firelands Raid Debuffs (not enabled by default, go to Raid Debuffs advanced options to enable desired debuffs)
    Extended icon indicators configuration (now cooldown animations and stacks text can be disabled/enabled or configured: font, color, size, etc)
    Some optimizations and bug fixes.
  • Fixing ticket #232 Thanks to eteb.
    Fixing a issue in status auras, now when a unit joins a raid/group the buff/debuffs statuses are updated immediately.
  • Icon Indicators:
    Now stacks text font is configurable. Cooldown animation and Stacks Text can be disabled too.
  • Added an option to disable the Cooldown animation of icon indicators.
  • Simplified Resurrection status.
    Added Sinestra raid debuffs.
  • Now Grid2 border texture can be changed from general options (only if sharedmedia is available).
  • Added Resurrection status (Look in Combat category). Compatible with icon, text and square indicators.
    We can know when a unit is receiving a res spell (first color) and
    when a unit has been resurrected (second color) but the player has not yet accepted.
    Has one issue, Grid2 cannot know (i think) if the resurrection cast was stopped, in this case
    the status remains enabled.
  • Added Firelands Raid Debuffs.
    New debuffs are not enabled by default, you must go to Raid Debuffs -> Advanced Options
    select Firelands and enable the Debuffs.
  • Tagging as r594
  • Updated TOC to 4.2
  • Changes in Target and raid roles statuses to reduce the amount of frames updates.
    Implemented a cache in raid-icon-player and raid-icon-target to avoid updating all frames when a raid-icon is changed.
    Little optimizations on other statuses.
  • Fixed a bug in buff/debuff statuses disable process.
    Refactored some code in StatusAuras.lua
    Recreated locale files.
    Removed libbable-boss library.
  • Added support for group of Buffs.
    Now from Buff and Debuff creation option, player can create a single buff, a custom group of buffs, or some predefined
    group of buffs/debuffs: Defensive cooldowns buffs, health-prevented and health-reduced debuffs.
    After creating a group of buffs/debuffs, the user must go to the recent created status to add/remove desired buffs/debuffs.
    The implementation has one issue, the same aura cannot be used in two different statuses, for example if "Molten Armor" is added to a MageShields group of buffs, a single Molten Armor status must no be created/enabled (You can create both buffs, grid2 does not warn about this problem, but only one of the two buffs will work).
  • Oops, a mistake in a variable initialization in Assistant status code. Fixed.
  • Added master-looter, leader and raid-assistant statuses.
    Created a new status category called "Group&Raid roles" for all the raid/group roles statuses.
    I could not test the new statuses in raid, but must work (i wish).
  • Adding "Show percent" option to Text indicators.
    Some speed optimizations.
    Fixing some translations.
    Changed toc files so all Grid2 components show same version/revision.
    Removed old unused file in Grid2RaidDebuffs.
  • Added frequentUpdates option to health-current status.
    Enabling this option, health changes are updated faster on unit frames.
  • Tagging as r585
  • Fix wrong regular expresion to extract group and button ids
    from frame name in icon indicator.
  • Grid2 core was using AceConfig3.0 library, changed
    options frame registration process to avoid using this library.
    Changed .toc to load libdualspec after libstub.
    Minor optimization in utf8.lua
  • More simple and fast rgbToHex function.
  • Statuses have been organized into categories.
    Icon indicators cooldown frames have a name now (only if "disable omnicc" option is not set)
    allowing to configure rules in omniCC to customize cooldowns appearance (See ticket #221).
    The indicators frame name has this format: Grid2[IndicatorNameWithoutHyphens][numbers_dont_matter],
    for example an icon-center frame cooldown name looks like "Grid2iconcenter0102", and
    the rule in omnicc could be simply "Grid2" to configure all grid2 cooldowns, "Grid2icon" to configure all
    cooldowns indicators starting with icon, or "Grid2iconcenter" to configure only the icon-center indicator.
    Added several color statuses: creaturecolor , friendcolor and color. The color indicator provides
    a simple color, unlimited number of color statuses can be created. A color status has zero cpu usage in combat,
    so it is the best way to assign a fixed color to an indicator (colors provided by some other status
    like mana, or health statuses, are not efficient because the linked indicators are updated every
    time a unit health or mana changes).
    Health-current status has not a simple color anymore. Now defines a gradient color based on unit health
    (by default: green= maximun health orange= 50% health red= very low health). If you want a fixed
    color for the health-bar indicator, use the friencolor status, or create a color status.
    Code cleaning in some indicators and statuses.
  • Bug fix: Indicator border color option works again.
  • Fixed ticket #220.
    "Show if missing" buffs were crashing icon indicator.
  • Important changes in all indicators update functions to simplify and speed up a bit the code (this changes could introduce some bugs or appearance changes in some statuses).
    Added update rate option to banzai and direction statuses.
    Some optimizations and bug fixes in banzai status.
  • Fixed a recent bug in icon indicator (icon transparency based on alpha status color was not been applied)
    Changed the name of the grid2 utf8 manipulation functions to avoid conflicts with other addons.
  • Banzai status: Adding compatibility with icon indicator.
  • Added new status: "Direction" This status shows an arrow in the direction of each player.
    Banzai Status: Added support for channeling and instant spells.
  • Added banzai status: This status tracks harmfull spells casted by hostile units over raid members. Can be mapped to all types of indicators, if the status is mapped to a bar indicator (configured to show durations), the bar will works like a casting bar of the harmfull spell. Not tested too much only in ascendant council. For now, only tracks casted spells (not channeled), and the hostile unit must be targeted by some raid member to detect the spells.
    Added DungeounRole status.
  • Bug fix: Offline status must be refreshed correctly now when a player reconnects (UNIT_CONNECTION event seems bugged, implemented a workaround).
    Bug fix: Indicator bar timer bug fixed.
    Minor cpu speed optimizations in several modules.
    Grid2 and Grid2options must not crash now if some locales are missing.
    Updated some locales.
    Colorized buffs/debuffs statuses.
  • Updated russian locales, thanks to sonure (ticket #216)
  • Grid2Options: Fixing several statuses priorities calculation and shifting bugs.
  • Adding missing raid debuffs, thanks to kaleide
  • Blink effect several bugs fix (tickets #211 #212)
  • Frames initialization in combat blizzard bug fix using precreation frames workaround.
    Now Solo layout dropdownlist shows party/raids layouts. You can choose a party/raid layout for solo if you have disconnect problems in raids, and you want to see all players in grid2 just after reloging without doing a reloadui()
  • Grid2Options:
    Added icons to indicators list.
    Replaced status ordering buttons with up and down arrows.
  • BarIndicator: Fix crash when show stack or duration is enabled, and a mapped status cannot provide requested info.
    StatusAuras: Moved missingTexture calculation from CreateDebuff to UpdateDB(),
    StatusAuras: Assigned a default missingTexture if GetSpellInfo cannot provide a texture for a missing type status.
    StatusAuras: Created a RefreshAuras method used by Grid2Options to refresh auras when a new aura is created.
  • PowerAlt status fix. In Atremedes hc, UnitPower() some times returns -100 instead of 0. Discard negative values.
  • Added deDE locale file to locales.xml
  • Relax indicators name creation restrictions.
  • Added missing locale
  • Merged michaeln repository
  • Adding StatusAFK.
  • Ticket-207: Remove unnecessary localizations from Grid2StatusRaidDebuffsOptions - thanks michaelspain!
  • Ensured that locales are called correctly, this fixes Ticket-205, Thanks michaelspain
  • Updated TOC to 40100
    Fixed bug where rawset was given a nil index
  • Fix Ticket-204, Thanks michaelspain
  • Add final debuff for Ticket-199. Thanks Kaleide.
  • Add Acid Nova. Thanks ilovemrdoe
  • Add RaidDebuffs for Cataclysm, based on Ticket-199.
  • Tagging as rev551 beta
  • Temp fix for UnitThreatSituation() (thanks Potje)
  • Another stab at fixing the pet template bug.
  • zhTW update
  • zhTW update
  • Fix Ticket-193: use UNIT_CONNECTION for StatusOffline module.
    Thanks abuelitowow
  • update french locale. Thanks Sntenshi
  • .toc fix (OptionalDeps for nolib & Notes-ruRU)
  • Fix Ticket-191
  • Workaround Secure Header bug for pet groups.
  • Try to fix pet unitframes, following a comment from roncli.
  • Tagging as 540 beta
  • Fix Typo in Beacon of Light spellID. This fixes Ticket-185.
    Thanks roncli.
  • Tagging as 538 beta
    Fix Ticket-181. Thanks roncli
  • Removed HealComm embedding.
    Add Clique as an opt-dept.
    Thanks abuelitowow
  • Fix Ticket-180
  • Update spell Ids
  • wow4 fixes. Thanks abuelitowow.
  • Typo fix
  • Fix metatable.
  • Implement status-not-mine (Ticket-167).
    This is drycoded and untested
  • Fix for Ticket-161: Make sure GridFrame unit are only updated when needed
  • Make sure MakeBuffColorHandler is called on a valid status.
  • Fix another typo in paladin defaults. Thanks roncli
    This fixes Ticket-170
  • Fix Ticket-169. Thanks fvwm.
  • Fix .pkgmeta to use tagged Ace3 libraries
  • split out Necrotic Plague to own indicator
  • split out Necrotic Plague to own indicator
  • Fix Ticket-165. Wrong texture path.
  • Consumption soul & mark for Halion
  • Tagging as 519 beta
  • Some Ruby Sanctum stuff
  • Several optimisations to RosterUpdate()
  • Add inoculated and dominate mind to extra icon.
    Needs reset to pick up the change (which is optional)
  • Performance enhancement for bar-color:Update() handlers.
  • simplify version
  • Add version to toc
  • Remove obsolete Reset button from debugging options.
  • Tagging as 512 beta
  • break from loop
  • Add UnBound Plague and Sickness to center left & right icons.
  • Tagging as 509 beta
  • Restore transparency for inverted color so class color can bleed through. Note that this means the green from heals will affect this as well. Probably need a setting to use a toned down class color.
  • Fix field name clash preventing new location creation.
    Fixes ticket #153
  • Dream State
  • Add harvest soul to center-left for extra urgency
  • Tagging as 504 beta
  • remove some commented code
  • Make heals-incoming color setting work for invertColor heals
  • Fix invertColor
  • move shaman cures to center-left and center-right icons
  • Make invertColor work more better
  • Paladin Only (requires reset to see changes)
    • side-top buff-FlashOfLight-mine
    • icon-center buff-DivineIntervention
    • corner-bottom-right debuff-Forbearance
    • corner-top-left -> text
    • corner-bottom-left buff-HandOfSalvation
    • center-left debuff-Magic and debuff-Poison
    • center-right debuff-Disease
    • commented out buff-LightsBeacon-mine, supposedly does not show up
  • For BeaconOfLight and EarthShield provide both all and mine versions so overwrites can be detected / avoided.
    Requires reset.
  • Move boiling blood to separate icon.
    Needs reset.
  • Move boiling blood to separate icon.
  • For delete status remove its mappings from all current indicators.
    Fixes ticket 145
  • "Default" translation
  • more debug info
  • Change SetObjectLayer to use the collapsed dbx to populate an empty layer.
    Fixes ticket 145, tx Artdeux!
  • more debug info for nil spellName case
  • more debug info for nil spellName case
  • Shadow Prison
  • Add LuaTexts formatting hook
  • Remove buff-AncestralFortitude. Now handled as a group aura
  • remove dubug print
  • register as text type as well
  • Catch some errors + feedback
  • change assert message
  • Fix Ticket-148
  • Add LuaTexts for mana
  • Provide a cheaper implementation of IndicatorText:Update() when neither stack nor duration is selected.
  • Rename :UpdateProfileData() to :UpdateDB() for consistency.
  • Fix set font. Tixket# 147
  • Make assert print bad spell name.
  • Split out a MakeStatusHandlers so options handlers can be added before iterating statuses.
  • Change GetShortNumber calling method
  • Change GetShortNumber calling method
  • Some Spanish
  • GetOptionHandler(typeKey)
  • Some refactoring to help LuaTexts
    Some morphing changes for text indicators
  • MakeTextHandler
  • Clean up comments for missing status init
  • Make morphing between icon and square work.
  • Update the morph code.
  • Adjust some of the priest defaults. Thanks Eudori
  • Enable more pvp layouts
  • Handle raidpet1 exiting a vehicle.
  • change order. still needs to be enforced
  • koKR update
  • ruRU update
  • Fix initialization issue with missing icons. Needs some followup.
  • Clean up GridRoster some more
  • A few missing icc trash and boss debuffs
  • Move the dk HornOfWinter buff to AuraGroup.
  • frFR Thanks Strigx!
  • -- Move invert bar color to frame settings since it is global to multiple bars
  • -- Move invert bar color to frame settings since it is global to multiple bars
  • add 'health-current' status color option and default 'health-current' color(green). - fix the error thrown when uncheck 'classcolor' option from 'health-color' indicator.
  • possibly fix classcolor translation issues.
  • koKR localization
  • koKR by mundi4
  • deDE thanks to Vilogity
  • Reverse Cooldown shading.
  • Reverse Cooldown shading.
  • Initialize options properly
  • cornerSize -> size
    iconSize -> size
  • cornerSize -> size
    iconSize -> size
    Border size for icons
    Standardize size option for indicators.
    Requires SV reset.
    Remove heals-incoming and health-deficit from text-down. Way too busy.
  • cornerSize -> size
    iconSize -> size
    Border size for icons
    Standardize size option for indicators.
    Requires SV reset.
  • Add border for square indicators
  • Add border and border color options for squares
  • Add AceTimer so Grid2 can load on its own.
  • frFR Thanks Strigx!
  • Move some target threat and voice strings from runtime to options
    Fix some keys
  • locale wrangling
  • Clean up GridLayout localization
  • deDE thanks to Vilogity
  • mouseoverHighlight
    Some locale stuff
  • mouseoverHighlight
    Some locale stuff
  • Fix options titles
  • silence non-existence errors
  • Make SetIndicatorColor generic
  • Add delete option for creatable statuses. Still need to clean up statusMap.
  • Switch to having layouts for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 40 person raids.
  • Add layout handling for 15 and 20 person raids & standardize the localization.
    Ditch the obsolete Onyxia layout.
    Raid meta keys are now raid10 ... raid40
    All pet layouts now allow vehicle targeting.
    All non-pet layouts now toggle vehicles in place.
    Use defaults more.
    Specific pvp & battleground size handling.
    Requires reset.
  • deDE thanks to Vilogity
  • GetOwnerUnitByUnit
  • Add vehicle status to text-down and text-down-color
  • Remove vehicled units from "charmed" status.
  • Check if owner has vehicle UI as well
    Return owner name if the actual vehicle, otherwise "vehicle"
  • Fix bad setup of new text-color indicator.
  • Remove return statement
  • Change the Role layout a bit.
  • deDE by Vilogity.
  • Fix some nuttiness in GridRoster caused by nilling the iterated pairs. In 5 man this reduced the number of messages sent on the final disband down to 1 from 15 b4 the change. Raid is probably correspondingly worse.
  • Fix default loading and options creation order
  • Fix default loading and options creation order
  • frFR Thanks Strigx!
  • Add a hook point for object setup
    lod of options should now work correctly.
  • Remove some more bad comments
    Restore a comment
    Add a hook point for object initialization
  • Remove unneeded comment
  • Adjust scale and default position
  • Undo change
  • Uncomment some necessary strings
  • Fix indicator's status setting bug
    heals-incoming: switch default to show player heals + include hots.
  • add locale lib
  • -- Enable border for debuffType (not displayed yet)
  • fix localization, add text for talking
  • Comment out unused localization. Only actual Grid2 core display strings should be in here. The rest belongs in Grid2Options. Eventually delete / move the unused stuff.
  • some alerts and stack localization
  • Remove some debug code
  • Add stack count option. Works with duration if both checked.
    Clean up some code
  • Add stack count option. Works with duration if both checked.
  • Experimental changes to try and fix Ticket-102
    _ Removed GridFramePrototype:GetModifiedUnit() (use direct API instead)
    _ Replaced GridFrame:GetFrameWidth/Height by a simple GridFrame:GetFrameSize()
    _ Removed unused GridFrame.frames table and GridFramePrototype:SetBar() API.
    _ Update the unit that each frame is linked to in the core to the modified unit instead of the base unit.
  • deDE by Vilogity
  • delete Alert
  • --Move Alert to own plugin
  • --Disable Reset for locations
    --Instant update of location changes
  • ruRu update
  • --Fix Grid2 name in options
  • --Fix Grid2 name in options
    --lowercase debugging
  • --Move Mystic Buffet and Unchained Magic to separate icons (center-left & center-right)
  • --Move Mystic Buffet and Unchained Magic to separate icons
  • --Wrangle defaults a bit. Still a work in progress.
    --Add layer setting to the selected statuses of an indicator.
    --Fix bugs with removing statuses from indicators.
  • --Improve out of instance raid sizing
  • Merge of the options branch into trunk. This allows grid2 to make better use of the blizzard options panel. See Ticket 59.
  • --Some more work on changing the type of indicator between icon text and square. Still not functional, but should not corrupt options.
  • --Move bar (health, heals, etc.) orientation into frame settings.
  • --> IterateRosterUnits
  • --Move bar (health, heals, etc.) orientation into frame settings.
  • --Move bar (health, heals, etc.) orientation into frame settings.
    --Some more work on changing the type of indicator between icon text and square. Still not functional, but should not corrupt options.
  • --Move bar (health, heals, etc.) orientation into frame settings.
  • --> IterateRosterUnits
  • -- Fix ready check mark not going away
  • ruRu update
  • --GetUnitByFullName()
    --Delete some obsolete guid stuff
  • -- Fix showing self heals
  • --Fix font settings for LibSharedMedia. Ticket 103
  • koKR update
  • --Add text for role (Main Assist / Main Tank)
    --Add text for threat (threat, securely / insecurely tanking)
  • --Handle pet case as well
  • --Clear cache on Grid_UnitLeft
  • --Only use Grid_UnitJoined / Changed / Left to update cache, not to cause updates by statuses.
    --Add a separate Grid_UnitUpdate message specifically for frames to update all indicators when Grid_UnitChanged / Joined fires.
  • --deDe thanks Vilogity
  • --deDe thanks Vilogity
  • -- frFR thanks Strigx
  • --profile -> dbx
  • --Start work on changing indicator type (for icon text and square)
  • --Some missing locale stuff
    --Start work on changing indicator type (for icon text and square)
  • --deDe tx Vilogity!
  • --deDe tx Vilogity!
  • --frFR tx Strigx!
  • Remove chat message for range updates.
  • consolidate bar & bar-color dbx
  • consolidate bar & bar-color dbx
  • --Fix locale string
  • --Add layer options
  • --Spacer for layer dropdown
  • -- Reset verbage
  • Add standard and opacity options
    Standardize names
    Fix handlers that did not return options
  • koKR update
  • -- Fix for ALL classes!
  • --Fix versioning for the basic defaults.
    --Fixes bug where removing statuses would not save properly.
  • Add LibDBLayers to the OptDepts
  • Reset Frames when toggling options
  • --Add ready-check and death to center icon
    --Hook up SacredShield-mine to side-left
  • --Permeating Chill (Sindragosa)
  • --Provide a way to avoid applying buff GetColor handler code to a status.
  • --LibDBLayers-1.0
  • --Layered Preferences--Layered preferences.
    --Multi Character Support.
  • --Layered Preferences
  • --Layered preferences.
    --Multi Character Support.
  • --Layered preferences.
    --Multi Character Support.
  • Tagging as 337 beta
  • Toravon
    More ICC
  • Valithria, Sindragosa, Lich King
  • Tagging as 334 beta
  • Fix Status that where incorrectly expecting a unit from RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE
  • Add toggleForVehicle to all layouts that do not show pets.
    Fix Ticket-2
  • Important Update.
    Remove the assertion that only one frame is attached to one unit.
    Remove Grid2:GetUnitFrame() API (replaced by Grid2:GetUnitFrames() )
    Fix Ticket-48 and make the toggleForVehicle option usable for layout that already show pets.
  • Update frFR. Thanks Strigx.
    Fix Ticket-87
  • Reduce Grid_RangesUpdated spam by sending it only on effective change in range checks.
    Use IsSpellInRange(spellName, unit) instead of IsSpellInRange(index, bookType, unit) to prevent changes in spellbook to trigger range updates.
  • Allow toggleForVehicle and allowVehicleTarget to be inherited from the header.
  • fix r326 missing array init
  • Update Aggro indicator so that it only triggers on "real" aggro.
  • Yet Another GridRange Update.
    This one includes some debug output. I hope it will help identify the root cause of the bug.
  • Temporaly fix Grid2:GetGUIDByName 4 Grid2StatusRes (ticket #1)
  • Fix Typo. (Ticket-85)
  • Fix SharedMedia handling.
    Fixes Ticket-80 adn Ticket-39
  • Update deDE. Thanks Vilogity (Ticket-84)
  • Initialize Aura texture for "missing" aura status.
    Fix Ticket-83
  • Tagging as v319 beta
  • Remove isDefault flag, as it prevent the deDE locale to load
  • --More Rotface
    --More Putricide
    --Blood-Queen Lana'thel
    --Blood Prince Council
  • Update deDE. Thanks Vilogity
  • Update deDE. Thanks Vilogity.
    Fixes Ticket 73.
  • typo fix
  • bugfix StatusRole.
    Fix Ticket-76.
  • Fix call to GetRaidRosterInfo()
  • Fix StatusRole
  • Faster aura check.
  • Add Gas Spore to ICC debuffs to watch.
    Fix Ticket-72
  • ruRU update
  • Update StatusRole so that it's unlikely that it will spam errors when leaving battleground.
  • Update deDE, Thanks Vilogity.
    Fixes Ticket-71
  • Get Range information from the API.
    Remove LibGratuity-3.0 from dependencies.
  • Remove the offending assertion in GridRoster.
    Fixes Ticket-66 and 68.
    I'm not happy about it, though, as GUID still lingers around and may be used where units would be better.
  • Add Texture coordinates handler to icon indicator.
    Patch suggested by Gaff3 in Ticket 67
  • Hmm, let's do that correctly, this time.
    Fix Ticket 66
  • Fix Ticket 66
  • Couple of fixes. Fixes Ticket 64 and "unstuck" the duration option flag for text indicators.
  • Cleanup GridFrame unit updates, trying to fix Ticket-54.
    Perform specific update on UNIT_ENTERED/LEAVED_VEHICLE to speed up the handling of these messages.
    Fix previous commits message/event handlers.
  • Rename checkRange40 to checkRange38.
    Change GridRange:GetRangeCheck() API to provide a closest range check if the requested one is not available, so that requesting for 40 yards will yield the UnitInRange check (38 yards) for class without healing spells.
    Made StatusRange react on roster changes to update its cache.
  • Applied enym's patch. Fixes Ticket 46.
  • Festergut, Rotface, Putricide. First stab at it.
  • Tagging as 296 beta
  • Apply Gaff3 patch for health color. This should help fix Ticket 17
  • Bump TOC for Options too
  • Bump TOC.
    Remove Alert/RaidDebuffs embeds and externals
  • Simpler and faster roster implementation.
    _ Uses unit IDs as index as much as possible.
    _ early exits on RosterUpdate by taking into account the fact that raid/party IDs are contiguous.
    _ Special handling of UNIT_PET and UNIT_NAME_UPDATE events to prevent to call a full RosterUpdate.
  • Really fix Ticket 57
  • Try to fix Ticket 57.
  • Fix Ticket 56
  • more necrotic strike
  • -- toc
    -- Some ICC stuff
  • -- Use GetRaidDifficulty for raid size
  • add a 4x10 layout
  • -- 码距离 --> 码射程
  • Fix invalid access to GridFrame in Grid2Layout:UpdateSize()
  • Fall back to "solo" layout if the player is not in a group (even in instance).
    Fixes Ticket-43
  • --Make options show up
  • --Libs\LibHealComm-4.0\LibHealComm-4.0.xml
  • Make sure the the blinking state is saved for each frame.
  • Make sure UpdateProfileData() exists before calling it in generic options setter.
  • Fix Ticket-40
  • Merge the two defaultDB in heals-incoming status.
  • Add options for the new heals-incoming status.
  • Fix Option bugs introduced in rev273
  • Provide a better range list in options.
  • Fix Range option list.
  • Add support for healcomm-4.0
  • Better error report and general handling of the case where an invalid
    attribute is set to the GridFrame.
  • --Fix range init issue
  • Update method call in Options to use the new name.
    This fixes Ticket-36
  • -- version formatting
  • -- Move defaults creation to options
    -- localization
    -- Primitive options (color/missing/threshold)
  • -- Move defaults creation to options
  • -- Move default creation into options section.
  • -- Split out MakeOptions from InitializeOptions
  • -- Split out MakeOptions
  • -- Some infrastructure for plugin options default creation
  • -- Some infrastructure for plugin options default creation
  • -- First cut at patch.
  • -- First cut at patch.
  • Patch localizations
  • Undo patch
  • -- Apply Jerry's patch
  • some cleanup
  • 30200
  • Bugfix, ~= has precedence over >
  • Add missing Locale table reference
  • StatusAura
    _ Use a cache for classFilter info. (Maybe should be provided for all statuses, not just Auras ?)
    _ Refactor IsActive() methods to remove the test for self.db.profile.missing.
    _ Rename :UpdateBlinkThreshold() to :UpdateProfileData() for these status, and make sure it's called when needed.
    All this should help resolve Ticket 19 (I hope, although it needs to be checked).
  • Food and Drink auras. Add to a Raid Leader config someday.
  • ruRU update
  • koKR update
  • Update frFR.
    Fixes Tickets 30 and 31.
    Thanks Strigx
  • -- Food / Drink for eating statuses.
  • Tagging as 243 beta
  • -- wrangle FrameLock code
  • -- Configmode support
    -- wrangle FrameLock code
  • Actually include all locales
  • range 40 -> range 38
  • range 40 -> range 38
    add missing range check
  • range 40 -> range 38
  • -- L["Grid2"]
  • -- 10 28 40 100 range options
  • -- 10 28 40 100 range options (default 40)
  • -- 10 28 40 100 range options
  • Missing wotlk instances
    More commenting of ids
    Deleted some obsolete ids
  • Fix Ticket 25 and 26
  • -- comment out Leeching Swarm
  • koKR update
  • Anub Penetrating Cold
  • Tagging as 226 beta
  • ruRU update
  • -- localize new locations
  • -- new toc version format
  • -- new toc version format
  • -- new toc version format
  • -- side-bottom-left and -right
  • Fix Ticket-24
  • -- Avoid title rotation and mount unmount spam
  • more raid40 support
  • Leeching Swarm
  • Fix Ticket-21
    Rename a few functions in StatusAura, so that their function is more
    Several small improvements to the main update function for Auras.
    Fix Alerts for all units.
  • -- Monkey with comments
    -- ToC
    -- Sara's Favor
  • -- Show all 3 threat colors for editing. Requires reset.
  • Tagging as v3.02.00.00 beta
  • -- ToC
    -- v3.02.00.00 beta
  • -- ToC
  • Tagging as r209 beta
  • -- ToC
  • -- ToC
  • Tagging as r206 beta
  • -- switch to large raid when > 10 raid members
  • -- More coliseum debuffs
  • ruRU typo fix
  • -- Coliseum
  • Tagging as r201 beta
  • -- Remove unnecessary events
  • -- toc
  • -- toc
  • -- toc
  • -- toc
  • -- toc
  • -- GetDungeonDifficulty
    -- toc
  • -- probably working vehicles. party but not raid tested atm.
    -- 2 x 15 Wide layout. Eventually needs pets tacked onto end.
  • -- remove upper and lower bounds on priority numbers for statuses on an indicator
  • ruRU update
  • --Fix Messages
    --Make vehicles selectable again (still broken for multiple ones)
    --Use custom colors for threat (needs ui still)
  • koKR update
  • -- Aggro --> Threat
  • --dont check pets for roles.
  • --StatusRole - provides MAINTANK and MAINASSIST text / icon / color status
  • --StatusRole - provides MAINTANK and MAINASSIST text / icon / color status
  • -- aggro -> threat
  • --merge & simplify layout options a bit
    --frame border size options
  • -- Drop LibBanzai
    -- Aggro -> Threat with colors for secure / insecure tanking and > tank threat.
    -- frame border size option
    -- Border size defaults to 2 for now so issues can get spotted
  • --Rename "core" to something meaningful and useful
  • --Remove bonus self parameter
  • ruRU update
  • -- only apply default once
  • -- ready-check status
    -- vehicle status
    -- Some range parameters for the threshold options
  • -- typo
  • -- simplified handling for Offline
  • -- ready-check status
    -- vehicle status
    -- icon handling for threat status
    -- simplified handling for PvP and Offline
  • --deth icon
  • --Directly pass indicators to their options creation methods
    --Fix indicator creation bug
  • --Increase colors for Grace / Prayer of Mending to 3 / 5 each
    --More random vehicle million monkey coding
  • --Increase colors for Grace / Prayer of Mending to 3 / 5 each
  • --StatusPvP
  • --StatusPvP
    --More exploration into the nature of the vehicle / pet malfunction
  • --change pet detection
    --Change some colors to work better with death alpha coloring
  • --AceBucket
    --Some messing around with layouts / vehicles
  • Grid2: zhTW update
  • --Change order for layouts
  • --Fix 5 man layouts a bit
  • --Fix 5 man layouts a bit
    --Change defaults some more to make in raid dev easier
    --Add all Ulduar Boss debuffs. This is more than needed and needs edit interface etc.
    --Adjust GetPercent values for death and feign-death. This probably needs a fix to match up with show dead as full health / invert colors.
  • --drop default dead alpha to .25
  • --handle nil unitid
  • --Fix translation error with colors
  • koKR update
  • ruRU update
  • --Partial switch to guid based roster
    --raid40 layout for use with 40 creature raids
    --switch to raid40 if outside with > 25 members
    --By Role 25 layout
  • --Partial switch to guid based roster
    --raid40 layout for use with 40 creature raids
  • --heroic debuff in ulduar added
  • --svn props
  • --Fix NewStatusBuff for missing
    --Reorder frame & layout to ease testing
  • --Monkey with layouts & fix vehicles (probably needs unitGUID change to be nice like Grid)
    --Default solo to have pets for testing purposes.
    --isMine -> caster fix in aura api
  • -- svn:ignore
  • --svn externs
  • -- svn libs
  • --OptionalDeps etc.
  • --initial checkin
  • -- svn:ignore
  • -- LibBabble-Zone-3.0
  • -- externs for svn checkouts
  • Reset the new header attributes for vehicle support.
  • -- Some more toc properties
  • -- some more toc properties
  • --OptionalDeps and other properties
  • -- Add a default group order to most layouts
    -- Adjust initial location for easier debugging cycles
    -- Default to horizontal group layout
    -- Add "Show if Missing" handling to default setup
    -- Split up the default mage statuses
    -- Add buff-Thorns for druids to side-bottom
  • --toc
  • --toc + title fix
    --Layout: By Class 25 (Phanx's layout)
    --implement more of the defaults
  • --toc + title fix
  • --toc + title fix
  • --toc + title fix
  • --toc + title fix
  • --Duration option for text
    --Color option for ,text>-color
  • --add duration setting for text indicators
    --switch lifebloom, regrowth, rejuvenation to text with duration for druids
    --config options for <text>-color indicators
    --upgrade color handlers to return alpha as well
    --new "duration" type for buffs
    --text indicators <-- "duration" type
    --AceTimer-3.0 embeded on use
    --Blink Add/Remove now record/restore the frame alpha and no longer hide it
    --Adjust text justification to match location
  • --buff-X-mine to distinguish from general case
    --checkbox for mine during create buff
    --requires SV reset
  • --buff-X-mine to distinguish from general case
    --update existing mine buffs
    --requires SV reset
  • --switch to Phanx's colors for shamans
  • --Rename lowhealth -> health-low
    --Rename healthdeficit -> health-deficit
  • --Add health-deficit to text-down
    --Rename lowhealth -> health-low
    --Move buff-Riptide on top of buff-Earthliving at corner-top-left
    --Colors for buff-EarthShield, buff-Riptide, buff-Earthliving
  • --adjust some colors
  • --Fix druid colors
  • --rename heals -> heals-incoming
  • --temporarily switch to inverted bar color while fixing incoming vs health
    --defaults for druids, shamans, paladins
    --some setup code wrangling
  • --feign-death
  • --Extend setup color handling to rgba
    --Combine common code in CreateBuff and CreateDebuff
  • --Add defaultDB and color handling to debuff auras
  • --make lowmana threshold 25% (from 20%)
    --remove incurable debuffs from display for druids & priests
    --implement some of the priest defaults
  • koKR update
  • --add class filters for some statuses
    --localize some modules
    --adjust menu ordering
    --some more category work + move them to db.account
    --Add Deathknight to Class Color list. Charmed needs a new color.
  • --add class filters for some statuses
    --localize some modules
    --adjust menu ordering
    --some more category work + move them to db.account
  • ruRU update
  • koKR update
  • --Add charmed and offline statuses
  • --Add charmed and offline statuses
  • --Add class to MakeDefaultSetup returns
  • --defaults
  • --Options for Raid Debuffs
  • --Checkin so I can code while traveling.
  • --Checkin so I can code while traveling.
  • --Change the By Group 5 layouts to be for party and arena instead of raids and arena
  • --Delete options for creatable indicators
    --DeleteElement function to remove deleted element options
  • --Hack in UnregisterNamespace
  • --provide config for missing property
    --copy its localization over from Grid
    --create the missing locale files for that
  • --Implement missing property for buff statuses
  • koKR update
  • --Break the indicator status list into Current and Available
    --Show Current in sorted order
    --Add some buttons so the priority can be sort of increased or decreased. Probably needs to enforce uniqueness for priority so behavior is smoother.
  • --rename some code so I can remember what it does.
  • --Check for frame existence before hiding it
  • --Show statuses for bar-health-color and bar-heals-color
  • --Add percent type to buffs and debuffs
    --Add percent handler for them returning the color alpha setting
  • koKR update
  • --Switch MakeStatusColorOption, MakeStatusThresholdOption, MakeStatusBlinkThresholdOption local --> Grid2Options functions
    -- This lets them be called from plugins
  • --Rearrange class ordering so tank types are at one end and ranged at the other. Probably needs to be customizable at some point.
  • --Change default names for two indicators to side-bottom and corner-bottom-left
  • --Options for alpha indicator
  • -- Threshold options for lowmana
    -- Status options for border indicator
  • -- Fix double creation of lowmana which broke it
  • --Better formatting and spacing of color options
    --Hook up Blinking Threshold
    --A setting of 0 disables blinking
  • --Make blinkThreshold use db setting
    --Move its setup code to a non local function
    --RemoveTimeTracker so it can be disabled
  • --Make saving and adjusting color work for buffs across a relog
    --Support multiple colors (eg. lifebloom)
    --Start to hook up Threshold. (not working yet)
    --Fix ordering in debug options
  • --Some layout defaults changes to aid me in debugging
    --Add more buffs and debuffs to setup. This is temporary. They will be reorganized according to the Grid2Defautls thread.
    --Change color handler creation code to use db instead of setup so color changes can get saved & used.
    --db.profile.color --> db.profile.color1 color2 ... etc.
  • ruRU update
  • koKR update
  • --Add location selection up front for indicator creation.
  • --Group Buffs / Debuffs inside status/buff and status/debuffs
    --Add support to core for such grouping
    --Add creation of buffs and debuffs options to status/buff and status/debuff
    --Reset and update all frames when changes statuses on an indicator
  • --Remove the baking in of "buff-" and "debuff-" into aura names.
    --MixCase the spell name part so it blends in with user created auras.
  • --todo list
  • koKR update
  • -- Requires SV reset (theres a button for this in the Debugging options)
    -- Create new Icon, Square and Text indicators.
  • -- Requires SV reset (theres a button for this in the Debugging options)
    -- Support for creating Icon, Square and Text indicators.
  • ruRU update
  • ruRU update
  • -- Requires SV reset (theres a button for this in the Debugging options)
    -- Indicator Corner --> Square
    -- corner-bottomleft renamed aggro
    -- corner-side-bottom renamed buffs-mine
    -- type prefixing removed from indicator names
  • -- Requires SV reset (theres a button for this in the Debugging options)
    -- Indicator Corner --> Square
    -- type prefixing removed from indicator names
  • koKR update
  • -- Hook up threshold config for lowhealth and healthdeficit
  • -- Factor out location and status options and apply to Square, Text and Icon indicators
    -- Add some order numbers so the options display consistently
  • -- Fix the center-locations
    -- Adjust by location on load for Square, Text and Icon indicators
  • -- Add ClearAllPoints to the layout code
  • -- Add status selection options to text and icon indicators
  • koKR update
  • -- Add a little bit more color options for statuses.
    -- Needs to be fixed for multiple colors case
    -- Fix error in color settings
  • -- Add a little bit more color options for statuses.
    -- Needs to be fixed for multiple colors case
  • ruRU update
  • -- New status locale strings
  • -- Hook up some indicators and locations
    -- Options to assign statuses to indicators
    -- Options to change (square) indicator location
  • -- Fix UnregisterStatus bug
    -- Add a buff indicator for testing purposes
    -- Hook up some indicators and locations
  • koKR update
  • -- Location options, initial checkin
    -- They can be created, deleted, reset. They are not hooked up yet.
  • -- Location options, initial checkin
    -- eol style = native
  • -- Location options, initial checkin
    -- They can be created, deleted, reset. They are not hooked up yet.
  • -- Location options, initial checkin
    -- They can be created, deleted, reset. They are not hooked up yet.
  • Add a check when linking status and indicators that they have
    compatible types.
  • Remove embeds.xml
  • Fix Tickets 5 and 6. Thanks rindy.
  • Fix a bug related to Auras updating, as Reported in ticket-4.
    Thanks rindy for the study and the fix.
  • add frameLevel for indicators in setup.
    You need to reset your setup (i.e. your profile).
  • fix some options for indicators.
  • fix hraid in layouts
  • koKR update
  • add separate option for heroic raids
  • Register Gradient texture
  • Tagging as v0.1-beta4
  • start to add setup support to options
  • I fail at copypasting working code.
  • Fix error in aura color handler generator.
  • Tagging as v0.1-beta3
  • Cleanup "config" and replace with "setup" everywhere in Defaults.
    Add GridDefaults.lua to the TOC.
    Fix RaidDebuffs so that it works with the new Defaults.
  • Change Grid2 setup so that it's saved in the profile.
  • Tagging as v0.1-beta2
  • Remove test data.

Reuse the spell table.

  • fix aura status and icon indicator.
  • Fixes to Grid2RaidDebuffs
    Add aggro sound
    Fix embeds
    Fix Icon indicator.
  • Add Cooldown, Text and Border to Icon indicator
    Add initial Grid2StatusRaidDebuffs implementation
  • Bugfix Grid2Alert.
  • Add :GetStatusList()
    Fix Grid2Alert config
  • Add Grid2Alert. It is not meant to stay included with Grid2.
  • Add some check for status and indicators.
    Bar default to 0 now when no status is linked to them.
    made UTF8 optional
  • Fix a name Bug in BarColor Indicator
  • Change timeLeft to expirationTime for Auras.
    Remove Aura Time Tracker frame.
    Split DebuffPriorities from SetupIndicators
    Add unit parameter to HasStatusChanged in Auras (for Grid2Alert)
  • Fix Bar Indicator Generator.
    Fix Default Configuration.
  • Grid:
    • zhCN update.
    • add zhTW locale.
  • Grid:
    • zhCN update.
  • Grid2: koKR Update
  • Small fixes for options
  • Grid2:
    • zhCN update.
  • Grid2: koKR Update
  • Grid2:
    • add missing locale for translation
    • add koKR locale
  • Grid:
    • zhCN update.
  • Grid2:
    • add zhCN locale.
  • Grid2:
    • add zhCN locale.
  • Update TOC
  • Grid2:
    Update Indicator generators API.
    Bar Indicators are now created by a generator function.
    Add a new healbar. (may need to fix frame level to make sure it is painted below the health bar)
    Renamed corner indicators so that they are easier to configure.
    Fix a bug in :GetShortNumber().
    Add self heals to StatusHeals. Based on a patch by fakehtwo. (may need to make this an option)
    Add health deficit Status indicator. (fakehtwo)
    Updated hardcoded indicator configuration to use the change listed
  • Tagging as v0.1-beta.
  • Initial import of Grid2

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