GoWCompass: Reforged


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This addon has been repaired under the WoW Addons Reforged program.

More info can be found here: www.wowaddonsreforged.com

GoWCompass: Reforged

Welcome to the WoW Addons Reforged program!

We're excited to introduce the first addon that has been revitalized under our initiative: GoWCompass: Reforged. Originally crafted by the talented strachs117, this addon is a homage to the iconic tape compass from games like Skyrim and God of War (2018), designed to track your currently supertracked quest with precision.

Original Addon Details:

  • Original Name: GoWCompass
  • Original Author: strachs117
  • Original Description: A tape compass inspired by Skyrim and God of War (2018). Tracks the currently supertracked quest. Based on Lanrutcon's MapOfScars, updated for WoW 8.0.

What's New in GoWCompass: Reforged:

This addon has been repaired and enhanced to work seamlessly with WoW version 10.2.7. I've also extended its features to provide an even better user experience. If you encounter any bugs or just want to leave a potential feature request, leave a comment here or in the WoW Addons Reforged Discord. For a detailed list of changes, check out the changelog.

Let Me Know What Addon You Would Like Reforged:

Stop over at the Discord and let me know what addon you would like to be fixed. I can't promise that I can fix everything, but most broken addons just need a few minor changes to get them up and running. You never know until you ask!

How to Support Me:

Hop over to the website. I have Patreon-type subscriptions with perks and some merch available. Everything helps and is always appreciated.