2,118,025 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


  • Mythic+: Fix tooltip bug


  • Addon: Update to 8.1
  • Mythic+: Use MDT For Count When Possible!


  • Mythic+: Update LibObjectiveProgress (Mob Count)
  • History: Fix Day All Runs During Bugged Period Will Be Marked As The 32nd Day, I'm Sorry!


  • Mythic+: Update LibObjectiveProgress (Mob Count)
  • History: Fix GetCalendarDate()


  • BFA Support


  • Mythic+: Tooltip Shows Individual Mob Points When TotalMobPoints Is Enabled (Note Requires Individual Mob Values To Be Enabled)


  • Addon: Update To 7.3
  • Mythic+: Add SOT Mob Count Data


  • Addon: Change Addon Lifecycle
  • Mythic+: Only Create CM Once
  • Mythic+: Only Attempt To Load Once CM ID Available
  • Mythic+: Frame Only Shows When Timer Actually Starts
  • Mythic+: Remove Defeat From Objective Names


  • Mythic+: Fix Challenge Map ID Bug
  • Mythic+: Upper Kara Mob Weights (Ty Simca)


  • Addon: Update To 7.2
  • Mythic+: Use New Challenge Map ID
  • Mythic+: Update LibObjectiveProgress For 7.2


  • Mythic+: Fix Bug With CoS Spy Helper Misprinting


  • Addon: Centralize Code
  • History: Show Best Run @ This Dungeon / Level / Affixes
  • History: Show When You Set New Record (Beating Last Record)
  • History: Fix Bug With Printing Run Time
  • History: Fix Bug W/ More Button When 0 Results
  • Mythic+: Show 2 Digits For Mob % Tooltip Rather Than 1


  • History: History Display Added [/ggfh]
  • Changelog: Fix Bug Where Multiple Spawn


  • Addon: Add Changelog [Core Options Or /ggf changelog]
  • Mythic+: AutoDialog Exception List (Reaves, Jeeves)


  • Mythic+: Auto Confirm Dialog Option
  • Mythic+: Court Of Star Spy Helper (Prints Clues To Chat)
  • Mythic+: Mob Count Library Updated


  • Addon: Bump To WoW 7.1
  • Mythic+: Syncing Only Works With >= Versions
  • Mythic+: Enemy Forces Calculated Properly On Zone In
  • Mythic+: StartCM More Strict
  • Timer: Tooltip Stability


  • Timewalking: Fixed Bug With TrueTimerNoMS Showing Miliseconds
  • Timewalking: Disabled, Currently I Use UnitPosition To Create A "Starting Area", Breaks In 7.1 (Will Try To Fix)
  • Mythic+: Add Option To Show Deaths & Time Lost By Deaths (Disabled By Default)
  • Mythic+: Individual Color Option For Each Part Of M+ Information (Deaths, Affixes, General Info, Bonus Timers)
  • Timer: Option To Disable Tooltip (Making Frame 100% Clickthrough, Requires Reload)


  • Individual Mob Value: In an enemies tooltip it shows you the value it has towards enemy forces


  • Fix Timewalking! (Please Report Any Bugs)
  • Start Adding Mob Points Per Mob In Tooltip (Not Enabled Yet)
  • Bug Fixes (Sco/Lexi Bug In +14)


  • Mob Points: Shows Point Value For Mob Forces
  • Enemies Forces: More Precise %
  • GottaGoFastHistory: Storing Run Information For Display / Use Later In Seperate Addon, Disable If You Don't Want This Feature
  • Version Checking: Checks Version Of Addon Last Installed To Properly Update
  • P.S: Please Fully Close WoW When Updating This Addon, Files Have Been Added And Moved Including A New Sub Addon


  • Add Option To Use TrueTimer Without MS
  • Fix Objective Complete Spacing
  • Sync Addon Information After Reload/Relog/ReZone (Requires One Person W/ Information And Addon)
  • Update Option Organization


  • Add Debug Mode
  • Stability Increases
  • P.S: If Your Timer Doesn't Pop Up After Update. Please Fully Close WoW (Check For Game Is Running In BNet), Then Try Again!


  • Starting Storing History
  • Track Deaths (For History, Was Calculated Before)
  • CM Objective Completion Time Hideable
  • Font Flag Changeable (Outline / Monochrome / None / Thick Outline)
  • Show Depleted Keystones In Level Section


  • Add Demo Mode
  • Increase Stability
  • Increase Option Reactivity
  • Enhanced Tooltips
  • Bug Fixes Related To Depleted Keystones
  • Objectives Open After Leaving Mythic+ By Default


  • Show +1/+2/+3 Keystone Timers
  • Customize Color Of Keystone Timers
  • Modify Defaults (Show Affixes, CM Level)
  • Update Tooltip
  • Remove CM Auto Start


  • Remove WoD CM Support
  • Add Legion CM Support
  • Add Level To Timer (Option)
  • Add Level and Dmg/Health Increase To Objectives (Option)
  • Add Affixes To Objectives (Option)
  • Account For Death Penalty (-5 On Death)
  • Support Enemy %
  • Proper TrueTimer
  • Add Tooltip With CM Info


  • More Secure Loading (Prevents TW from CM Load Routine And Vice Versa, Also Protects From Timer Not Popping Up)


  • Remove Debug Text
  • Add Timewalking Timer
  • Improve CM / Timewalking Detection


  • First Release