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Uploaded by Lag123
Uploaded Sep 12, 2020
Game Version 8.3.0  
Size 462.51 KB
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MD5 211c5c87bbba29c596cbc7571b49aa7e
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v0.7.0-beta (Sep. 12, 2020)

  • Set cap for names to 25 signs
  • Lower frame strata for all frames so they are under the map
  • Players now can no longer change name after challenge ends
  • Challenge list now shows invite state of a player that leaves the challenge
  • Added a "Refresh invites" button. This requests invites from all friends
  • Player name in challenge frame now no longer overlaps player gold
  • Small challenge frame now shows also own name
  • Frames now save positions
  • Frames are now scaleable (ALT+MouseWheel) but the repositioning is still TBD
  • Fix: Rare condition the addon not loading correctly when login
  • Fix: Lua error when restart a sessions without loot after reload
  • Fix: Stopped sessions can now resumed correctly after a reload
  • New: Added top items frame for host

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