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Gnosis v4.40 01/05/2015

  • added documents regarding timer bars (howto timers, cheatsheet)
  • new features
    • added commands npc, exit, charspec, glyph, talent
    • added feature to start a counter (command counter, optional keywords startcnt, stopcnt)
    • new logical operators & (and), ? (relaxed and), * (or)
  • changed and fixes
    • changed combo point tracking due to WoD changes
    • fixed text alignment when not using automatic text resizing
    • newly created bars will have automatic text resizing disabled
    • fixed a problem with spec=1|2 timer option in combination with logical operations

Gnosis v4.33 12/04/2014

  • changed default amount of Mind Flay and Insanity ticks to four (Enhanced Mind Flay passive)

Gnosis v4.32 11/12/2014

  • final pre WoD update
  • added option to show/hide bars only while inside/outside (specific) instances
  • minor tweaks and fixes

Gnosis v4.31 11/09/2014

  • updated channeled spells settings for Drain Soul and Divine Hymn
  • minor fixes and improvements

Gnosis v4.30 10/31/2014

  • WoD related tweaks
  • added a few sound files

Gnosis v4.25 10/15/2014

  • toc bump and changes for patch 6.0.2
  • added sub-commands aurastacks=# and auraeffect=# to show stack count/effect value instead of duration (with a maximum value of #)
  • added sub-commands mcnt=# and msize=#.# : latency tick markers are used to break up the bar into mcnt pieces, e.g. to display combo points; the default value of msize is msize=1.0 (which is the maximum value); decreasing msize will decrease the tick marker size (valid values are 0.0 < msize <= 1.0); only works for multi-spell timers

Gnosis v4.20 10/27/2013

  • added new import/export format (though, previously exported scripts can still be imported)
  • added bar chat hyperlinks (to share castbar/timer bars ingame)
  • shift clicking the 'new (icon-like) bar' button will create an icon-like bar
  • added group/raid-wide buff/debuff tracking command
    • groupdot/groupdebuff : debuffname/spellid
    • grouphot/groupbuff : buffname/spellid
    • groupaura : auraname/spellid
  • added resource commands:
    • resource : xp (shows player experience)
    • resource : rested (shows rested experience left)
  • added timer bar option to play sounds/music/files
    • 'plays' for sounds, 'playm' for music and 'playf' for files (see Combattext/Cliptest tab to see available sounds/music)
    • plays="3.0-MONEYFRAMEOPEN" will play the MONEYFRAMEOPEN sound at most every 3.0 seconds
  • minor tweaks and changes

Gnosis v4.10 10/13/2013

  • added timer bar commands
    • gcd : spell(id)/any (shows general global cd or of specific spell)
    • unitname : exact unitname/any (shows name of unit for any or if selected unit matches given unitname fully)
    • spellknown : spell(id) (shows spell if currently known == in spellbook)
    • icon="spell(id)" (overrides shown icon)
    • portrait="unit" (overrides shown icon with portrait of given unit)
    • shown="barname" (entry only valid if bar "barname" is currently active/shown)
    • hidden="barname" (entry only valid if bar "barname" is currently not active/shown)
  • added configuration interface improvements
  • changed command "cast : all" to "cast : any"
  • added default monk channel support: fists of fury and soothing mist (channeled spells can be manually changed or added)
  • minor optimizations, changes and fixes

Gnosis v4.05 09/11/2013

  • toc bump for patch 5.4
  • minor changes

Gnosis v4.03 07/07/2013

  • fixed a problem related to moving while casting
  • minor changes and fixes

Gnosis v4.02 05/22/2013

  • TOC bump for patch 5.3
  • added and updated libraries for new potential goodies

Gnosis v4.01 03/19/2013

  • "Release Spirit" fix
  • added new GCD Indicator (for non casttime spells)
  • added name and time format string options (new keyword effect == aura effect value, also txeff<>)
  • added Boss 5 unit
  • added mastery tick handling for channeled spells
  • minor optimizations and bug fixes

Gnosis v4.00 03/06/2013

  • toc bump for patch 5.2
  • changed default look of newly created bars
  • added new default castbar texture and font
  • upped maximum spark width and height to 1500%
  • internal changes for easier importing/exporting of bars
  • added range check to timer bars (resource : range) using LibRangeCheck-2.0
  • added support for Mind Flay (Insanity) channeled spell
  • using LibDialog-1.0 to prevent possible tainting of static popups

Gnosis v3.26 11/28/2012

  • fixed a bug when creating default GCD/swing timers
  • toc bump for patch 5.1

Gnosis v3.25 11/02/2012

  • IMPORTANT: exit your WOW client before updating. do not downgrade, otherwise you will lose your character specific settings.
  • added support for malefic grasp and spinning crane kick
  • changed the way character specific configurations are stored
  • minor adjustments

Gnosis v3.23 10/05/2012

  • added synonyms for icd command (innercd and proc)
  • added norefresh option for innercd/proc command (disables duration refresh while timer is already active)
  • added full icon support for innercd/proc command

Gnosis v3.22 09/27/2012

  • fixed bug that could prevent bars from showing

Gnosis v3.21 09/24/2012

  • fixed spark misalignment bug for vertical power/resource timers
  • minor improvements and optimizations

Gnosis v3.20 09/05/2012

  • fixed tainting of global variable '_' (fixing glyph insertion problem)
  • added tracking of combo points (resource : combopoints)
  • added tracking of multiple resources (resource : soulshards, eclipse, holypower, chi, shadoworbs, burningembers, demonicfury)

Gnosis v3.12 08/30/2012

  • initial release for patch v5.04

Gnosis v3.11 12/27/2011

  • fix: latency box size not changing correctly

Gnosis v3.10 12/22/2011 - Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  • added command "icd" to track procs/inner cooldowns
  • added option to treat channeled spells as normal casts
  • made sure castbars start to fade as soon as the cast finishes
  • /gnosis bar="bar name" text="..." time=10 allows to manually create a timer

Gnosis v3.03 11/30/2011

  • toc update for 4.3
  • minor optimizations

Gnosis v3.02 08/23/2011

  • implemented Ace3 related band-aid

Gnosis v3.01 06/29/2011

  • toc update for 4.2
  • WoW API related change (CLEU)
  • corrected default tick amount of Evocation (Mage)

Gnosis v3.00 06/03/2011

  • timer changes
    • removed nodur keyword (not required anymore)
    • added logical and/or keywords
    • added conditions <lower bound value, upper bound value, lower bound stacks, upper bound statcks>, e.g. resource:power<0,50> or resource:power<50%,100%> or buff unit=player:Shadow Orbs< , ,2>
    • added resource:threat (amount of stacks: 3 tanking, 2 insecurely tanking, 1 higher threat than tank, 0 lower threat than tank)
    • added commands to track weapon imbues and poisons (enchmh, enchoh), e.g. enchmh : Instant Poison
    • replaced "harmful" and "helpful" commands with "harm" and "help" (both are supported, use the shorter ones in the future)
  • added option for additional castbar border (not including icon)

Gnosis v2.80 05/08/2011

  • added full support for patch 4.1 channeling
  • redone clipping detection
  • added options for top and bottom icons
  • changed how bars display text/icon when "shown when not casting"
  • multi-spell timers changes
    • added hidespark command (hides castbar spark)
    • added incoming heal tracking (resource:heal)

Gnosis v2.70 04/30/2011

  • added tracking of totem durations (totemdur:1..4 command)
  • timer related behavioral corrections
  • minor optimizations

Gnosis v2.65 04/27/2011

  • patch 4.1 related updates
  • added sbcol="r,g,b,alpha" command to multi spell timer bars

Gnosis v2.61 04/08/2011

  • removed default font selection (Desyrel, which is packaged with Gnosis)
  • added cursor anchoring to timer bars
  • time format string related fix

Gnosis v2.60 04/06/2011

  • multiple minor additions/changes/fixes
  • major performance optimizations

Gnosis v2.53 02/16/2011

  • new timer bars commands
    • zoom=x (zoom bar if less than x remaining)
    • nodur (enables displaying of buffs/debuffs without duration)
    • cast=all or spellname (shows casts)
    • resource:health or power or altpower (= e.g. sound value for Atramedes encounter)
  • optimizations
  • removed Drain Mana (since removed from the game)

Gnosis v2.52 02/05/2011

  • general bar changes
    • added talent spec option
  • timer bar changes
    • added command staticdur (force minimum time displayed by timer)
    • added rune cooldown tracking to timers (runecd command)
    • added spec=# (1/2) option to timers
  • cleaned up option mess

Gnosis v2.51 01/30/2011

  • timer bar changes
    • added name format string override (nfs command)
    • added dot/hot recast advise (recast command)
  • added option to enable shield icon around cast icon for non interruptible spells
  • multiple optimizations

Gnosis v2.50 01/16/2011

  • added Multi-Spell Timers (see addon description for more information)

Gnosis v2.10 01/10/2011

  • added text rotation

Gnosis v2.08 12/23/2010 - Happy Christmas

  • added Boss units (and targets thereof)

Gnosis v2.07 12/11/2010

  • fixed bug (maximized amount of ticks shown when extremely hasted to 15)

Gnosis v2.06 12/06/2010

  • added vehicle only castbar (pet/vehicle also shows pet casts)
  • added combined outline & monochrome font modifiers

Gnosis v2.05 11/11/2010

  • configuration system updates
  • minor spell pushback changes

Gnosis v2.04 10/30/2010

  • fixed castbar anchoring problem
  • added option to hide/show castbar depending on group layout
  • minor tradeskill merge & spell pushback code changes

Gnosis v2.03 10/19/2010

  • fixed minor bug related to spell pushback of channeling spells
  • reworked channeled spells list
  • added warlock channels: health funnel and soul harvest
  • removed hunter channels: volley
  • slight change to default combat text output for aoe heal channels

Gnosis v2.02 10/16/2010

  • support for additional ticks on channels from haste (for priest and warlock spells, more coming soon, if needed)
  • multiple fixes

Gnosis v2.01 10/14/2010

  • options will not be created on startup, thereby reducing memory footprint extremely
  • added options to handle text shadow (offset and color)

Gnosis v2.00 10/12/2010

  • toc update to 40000
  • major performance optimizations
  • option to color target name by its class color (col<class> and col<cpre>)
  • correction to text alignments (especially CENTER)
  • disabled resizing of long strings for freely aligned text
  • removed rank commands from the default name format string

Gnosis v1.99 09/22/2010

  • compatible with wotlk 3.3.5, the cataclysm beta and the 4.0.1 ptr
  • added option to hide castbar while in/out of combat
  • added code to make sure introduction frame will be shown on character creation

Gnosis v1.98 09/01/2010

  • fixed bug with unlocked icons

Gnosis v1.97 08/31/2010

  • fixed bug preventing successful default castbar set creation

Gnosis v1.95 08/31/2010

  • reworked anchoring
  • added options to anchor to frame and mouse cursor
  • added overheal (oh) command to combat text output'
  • fixed error with critical heals not recognized for combat text output

Gnosis v1.92 08/02/2010

  • changed default cast interrupt color
  • added cast success color

Gnosis v1.91 07/22/2010

  • tracking of mouseover(target) added
  • option to show/hide castbars for casts of enemy/friendly units added
  • split up config gui for easier to find options

Gnosis v1.90 07/08/2010

  • implemented combat text merge for healing channels (please delete channeled heals from the channeled spells tab to get new settings for those spells)
  • corrected mirror bar fading behaviour

Gnosis v1.86 07/02/2010

  • tradeskill merge fix when crafting a single item

Gnosis v1.85 07/02/2010

  • tradeskill merge overhaul
  • option to hide blizzard pet/vehicle castbar
  • nolib creation added

Gnosis v1.80 06/12/2010

  • major performance enhancements
  • minor internal changes
  • added "who" to name format string (displays casting unit name)

Gnosis v1.70 06/06/2010

  • added support for any possible unit (, many of those are selectable as unit in the config gui
  • those units require additional scanning, most features like channeling support, spell pushback detection and interruptible status are available, spell interrupted and spell failed are not
  • renamed units in config gui
  • removed gcd_reverse unit (bar direction inversion should be enough)

Gnosis v1.60 06/04/2010

  • intro frame extensions
  • added bar orientation options (horizontal/vertical)
  • added invert bar direction option
  • rotatable icon
  • added newline (\n) command to name and time format strings
  • c<x> as new option for time format string = (total-remaining) time

Gnosis v1.52 05/25/2010

  • fixed bug removing unconverted castbar configurations after first logon with v1.50/v1.51

Gnosis v1.51 05/25/2010

  • intro frame after logon (ui reload) if no castbars configured and Gnosis is enabled
  • minor bug fixes

Gnosis v1.50 05/24/2010

  • saving character configuration data char specific reducing memory usage tremendously when playing with multiple chars; every time you log into a char old configurations will be converted if those exist
  • added function Gnosis:LoadConfig(name,bMainTab,bCastbars,bChanneledSpells,bClipTest) to allow for easier loading of configurations; might be useful for addon compilation authors or if you would like to be able to load configurations with macos; example: /script Gnosis:LoadConfig("DefaultConfig",false,true,false,false) to just load castbars from configuration "DefaultConfig"
  • added following locales: zhCN (simplified) & zhTW (traditional Chinese), thanks to wowuicn * koKR (Korean), thanks to talkswind & yuk6196 * ruRU (Russian), thanks to StingerSoft * you can chose between all locales on the Gnosis config gui main tab
  • right clicking unlocked castbars will open the castbars config gui
  • moved Gnosis to curseforge svn, grab your alphas there if you like

Gnosis v1.40 05/18/2010

  • german localization added (thanks to Xploder from Kil'Jaeden EU)
  • added option (main config tab) to switch between locales
  • new castbar spark options (color, width, height), slightly changed default spark look
  • new layering of statusbar, latency tick boxes and castbar spark

no new feature releaes coming in the near future! only bugfixes and adding of localizations.

Gnosis v1.34 05/16/2010

  • fixed bug hiding latency box if channeled tick displaying was disabled while channeling
  • added button on main config tab to create standard castbar set (player, target, focus, pet and mirror) for a quick start for new players -> just move bars and lock them if you don't want to configure the bars
  • minor performance improvements

Gnosis v1.33 05/15/2010

  • added time format string
  • ready for localization, if anyone wants to provide a full set of localized strings I'd be happy to add those and your name to the Gnosis description page

Gnosis v1.32 05/11/2010

  • fixed bug preventing loading from multiple stored configurations
  • added option to change border size of unlocked icon

Gnosis v1.31 05/09/2010

  • option to unlock, move and scale castbar icon
  • cleaned up small parts of the code

Gnosis v1.30 05/08/2010

  • new default bar look (including font)
  • additional options for castname/casttime/latency text alignments
  • easier bar- & textcolor editing options
  • minor internal tweaks & fixes

Gnosis v1.27 02/28/2010

  • added option to hide Gnosis text output
  • castbars/channeled spells/config sorted by name
  • added option to name format string to show remaining item count when tradeskill merging
  • added option to control minimum gap between castname and casttime (with enabled option to automatically reduce size of long strings)
  • main tab settings and combattext/cliptest settings can be stored in configurations as well

Gnosis v1.26 02/23/2010

  • added missing channeled spells (Evocation, Drain Life, Drain Mana, Hurricane, Volley)

Gnosis v1.25 02/09/2010

  • slight change to clipping detection and tick combining to fix problems with arcane missiles and similar spells (do not use clipping detection for spells like AM!)
  • drain soul (and similar spells) clipping detection and tick combining now correctly supported

Gnosis v1.24 02/08/2010

  • fixed melee swing for druids while shapeshifted

Gnosis v1.23 02/06/2010

  • changes to unintentional clipping detection to minimize false positives
  • same applies to combined tick output of channeled spells via combattext addons

Gnosis v1.22 02/02/2010

  • added parry haste to swing timer
  • fixed bug that could prevent color entries (name format string, combat text output string) from working correctly

Gnosis v1.21 01/30/2010

  • added tradeskill merge option (player castbar)
  • added option to display time in minutes (if > 60s)
  • added color option for spell pushback text

Gnosis v1.20 01/29/2010

  • added support for melee & range swing timers (no black-/whitelisting)
  • added option to copy existing bar to new bar
  • added full name/rank/icon support for global cd and swing timer bars

Gnosis v1.19 01/26/2010

  • fixed bug locking client up when using abbr<> with strings containing hyphens

Gnosis v1.18 01/24/2010

  • added option to name format string
    • tar<text>: show text if target information is available (player castbar only)
    • target: show target name (player castbar only)

Gnosis v1.17 01/23/2010

  • changed behaviour of mirror bars
    • most recent mirror timer will be shown
    • bar will change from one mirror timer to another if timer expires
    • if you want to see more than one mirror timer at once create more mirror bars and use white- or blacklisting to filter unwanted effects
    • added mirror timer icons for exhaustion, breath and feign death

Gnosis v1.16 01/23/2010

  • enabled white-/blacklisting for mirror and global cooldown bars
  • enabled format string for mirror bar

Gnosis v1.15 01/16/2010

  • fixed bug when castbar changing to interruptible during cast
  • added x&y-coordinate textboxes for castbars

Gnosis v1.14 01/11/2010

  • fix: debug output removed

Gnosis v1.13 01/11/2010

  • added additional font size options
  • added abbr<cnt> command for font strings
  • enabled name font string on default to make users aware name string is configurable (for newly created bars)

Gnosis v1.12 01/05/2010

  • added color options for castbar timer/latency text

Gnosis v1.11 01/05/2010

  • added player castbar option for textual latency information

Gnosis v1.10 01/05/2010

  • global cd bar added
  • castbar options added
    • reduce text size for long strings
    • hide cast timers
    • format options for castbar name/rank
      • arabic & roman castrank numerals
      • change color for parts of text

Gnosis v1.00 12/21/2009

  • mirror bar added
  • black&whitelisting added
  • bugfixes and minor changes

Gnosis v0.52 09/25/2009

  • fixed waterline texture bug

Gnosis v0.51 08/30/2009

  • added option to disable blizzard castbar

Gnosis v0.50 08/30/2009

  • initial release
    • castbars with advanced latency support for channeled ticks
      • configurable (player/target/focus/party/raid/arena) via config gui
    • channeled spell support
      • unintentional clipping detection (play sound)
      • combining channeled spell data (highly configurable output string)
      • combat text support (MSBT/SCT/Parrot) for output
      • add channeled spells/remove/deactivate/configure via config gui

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