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(previously known as AggroMon)

This is a very small aggro alert addon.
I decided to wrote it mainly because I miss so much the little "AGGRO" sound of another addon "banzai-alert".

The addon uses UNIT_THREAT_SITUATION_UPDATE to check for threat changes.
It simply plays a sound and/or prints in the default chat frame and/or show a frame colored based on unit aggro (combat only). The options can be turned on/off indipendently each others.

The aggro level returned are:

        descriptions taken from:
	nil = unit is not on any other unit's threat table.
	0 = not tanking anything.
	1 = not tanking anything, but have higher threat than tank on at least one unit.
	2 = insecurely tanking at least one unit, but not securely tanking anything.
	3 = securely tanking at least one unit. 
or if you prefer:

	descriptions taken from:
	nil = Unit has no threat
	0 = Unit has less than 100% raw threat (default UI shows no indicator)
        1 = Unit has 100% or higher raw threat but isn't mobUnit's primary 
             target (default UI shows yellow indicator)
        2 = Unit is mobUnit's primary target, and another unit has 100% or 
             higher raw threat (default UI shows orange indicator)
        3 = Unit is mobUnit's primary target, and no other unit has 100% or
             higher raw threat (default UI shows red indicator)

Since v0.2 it show also the aggro level of the target in a range 0-100 using UnitDetailedThreatSituation

If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use: