Global Ignore List and Chat Spam Filter

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Uploaded Sep 22, 2019
Game Version 8.2.0
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=> 8.2.2 retail (1.13.2 classic)


Swapped the create and remove filter button in the chat filter editor, and added a confirmation dialog box when a filter is requested to be removed


Added the new "[words=#]" tag which can be used to compare the number of words in the chat text


Added new "[channel=#]" tag which allows a filter to be applied only to a specific channel


Added the ability to disable filtering of party chat. This includes, party, raid, instance, and battleground channels. This open is off by default.


Added the ability to disable or enable filtering of private messages. This option is on by default.


Updated the default "Anal" spam filter to utilize the words count, to address people who do not link a spell or item and instead type the name