Last Updated: May 9, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5


Jul 19, 2016

Owner: xGrit

- version B8 (and B9) (8.1.5)

B9: Caught a typo right after I posted B8 that caused Buff Applied abilities to not function correctly. Fixed, re-download if you happened to get B8. Sorry.


* Added support for Gladiator's Maledict now that Blizzard FINALLY added a way for addons to accurately track it without broken gimmicks. You can find it under General in Aura Applied. It plays an annoying sound.
Now to try to convince Blizzard to remove it entirely.

- If you spot spells with existing alerts that are no longer alerting, please let me know so I can correct their spell IDs.
- No, I don't know when recording will get done. Please don't message me about it unless you intend to help.