Gladdy (TBC)

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Uploaded Sep 19, 2021
Game Version 2.5.2
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Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions



  • fixed import for some localizations not working
  • added cooldown number alpha configurations for Auras, BuffsDebuffs, Cooldowns, Diminishings, Racial & Trinket
  • grounding totem effect fix
  • fixed some buffs/debuffs not being present in BuffsDebuffs


  • fixed error when hiding blizzard frames ArenaEnemyFrames related to ElvUI
  • added Pummel cooldown


  • configurable DR duration
  • scale in 0.01 percent steps
  • added Net-o-Matic, Nigh Invulnerablility Shield, Nigh Invulnerablility Backfire & Flee (Skull of Impending Doom) to Auras
  • added Mangle, Chastise, Avenging Wrath, Rapid Fire to BuffsDebuffs
  • improved testmode to only activate Auras/Buffs/Debuffs/Dr's that are actually enabled
  • added Mir's profile to XiconProfiles
  • added zhTW localization
  • added buttons for Test, Hide & Reload in the config
  • added version in config
  • ArenaCountdown upgrade
  • Repentance, Freezing Trap & Wyvern Sting are now disorients
  • import string now ignores errors on deleted options
  • added (un)checkAll button in DR-Categories in Diminishing Module
  • totemplates fix option to alter all colors/alphas
  • hide blizzard arena pets as well
  • fix shadowsight timer showing when not in arena or testmode
  • some minor refactoring / optimization


  • fix gladdy frames not showing v2
  • minor bug fixes


  • castbar font now working properly


  • option TimerFormat added (seconds or seconds + milliseconds) (General > Cooldown General > Timer Format)
  • hide blizzard arena frames without cvars
  • fix Gladdy bugging out on arena join when in combat
  • fix some TotemPlates issues
  • fix Feign Death causing to reset DR and Aura tracking
  • ArenaX option in Healthbar module now only shows the number
  • add background for all frames (General > Frame General > Background Color)
  • add evasion and banish to Aura
  • add MSBT to Announcement module
  • Shadowsight timer can be locked now
  • add "All" modifier to Clicks module
  • updated testmode for BuffsDebuffs (show only from enabled set)
  • updated Klimp's profile
  • added a new Profile in XiconProfiles -> Rukk1


  • unit gray in stealth when rangecheck module disabled


  • hotfix added entangling roots nature's grasp


  • hotfix for secure button grow direction up


  • frames behave now to mouseover macros
  • added Range Check module (configurable which spell is used for range check)
  • added Shadowsight Timer module (with announce)
  • added Clicks module
  • added Interrupt Tracker in Aura module (border color by spell school locked)
  • TotemPlates compatible with Plater, NeatPlates, KUI, ThreatPlates, ElvUI, TukUI
  • added a new Classic Profile in XiconProfiles
  • hide blizzard arena frames option added in General
  • castbar enable/disable
  • powerbar enable/disable
  • added some auras (Blackout, Improved Hamstring, Mace Stun, Stormherald Stun, Shadowsight Buff)
  • added Swiftmend and Berserker Rage cooldowns
  • changed textures for Mace Stun, Charge Stun and Intercept Stun
  • reduced BLP size by 80%
  • show XiconProfiles on first login
  • DR bigger icons possible
  • minor fixes


  • fix classic profile


  • TotemPlates fix after blizzard update


  • fix german and russian client not working
  • ArenaCountdown loacalization now working for all languages (except itIT...beta has no option to select italian)
  • Race and Class localization working for all languages
  • Localization finished for German


  • fix Blizzard profile not having all modules preconfigured


  • fix Buffs not showing on class icon
  • added option highlight to be inside
  • added option to grow frames vertically
  • added new profile to XiconProfile (Blizzard raid style)
  • minor bugfixes


  • CombatIndicator module added
  • spec icon option added to Classicon module
  • arena1-5 for name option added
  • add a couple buffs to LibClassAuras
  • add blessing of sacrifice and intervene to auras
  • general options updated to apply font/borders/etc for all frames
  • XiconProfiles updated
  • /gladdy test1-5 now possible
  • fix PowerBar text updates
  • click through frames exept health/power bar
  • add mask texture for icons


  • fixed BuffsDebuff module
  • fix racial texture reset
  • minor bugfixes


  • fixed Aura-Module
  • Racial module added to EventListener and Version check updated
  • constants for auras/cooldowns/racials updated
  • anchoring for modules rewritten
  • fix Aura module options (localization independent for profile export)
  • Power-/HealthBar customize texts added and UNIT_DESTROYED added
  • Racial module added and trinket modified
  • XiconProfiles import strings
  • Pets position extended
  • delete unused saved variables
  • ExportImport, VersionCheck & XiconProfiles fix
  • TotemPlates add option to show friendly/enemy icons


  • XiconProfiles fixed


  • port form 2.4.3