Welcome to the Give Me Health 2.

I am in the process of completely rewriting the code that makes this macro creation plugin function. Feel free to test out the beta version and let me know your thoughts. The following text is here for posterity and probably does not apply to the most current version of the addon.


Call me lazy, but I hate swapping out food, water, potions, etc. on my action bars. This addon does that and much more. On first use, open the macro dialog (/macro). Drag the macros to the "Action Bar" buttons, replacing food, water, etc. with the macro. Upon receiving / creating new items, the macros will update automatically to show / use the best items. The macros will also update when entering certain locations. For example, entering one of the instances at Tempest Keep, the Health and Mana Potion macros will update to 'Bottled Nethergon Energy' and 'Bottled Nethergon Vapor' respectively. Battleground and Arena items update in the same way. Read on for complete individual explanations of each macro and complete details on functionality.

GMBandage -- /gmband help
Auto updates bandages.
Left-Click to use bandage on target.
Alt-Click to use bandage on self.
Ctrl-Click to open "First Aid" window.

GMBuff -- /gmb help
Auto updates buff foods.
Left-Click to eat buff food.
Shift-Click to eat alternate buff food.
Ctrl-Click to create "Basic Campfire".

GMHealth -- /gmh help
Auto updates health potions.
Left-Click to eat food / use health potion. (depending on combat)
Alt-Click to use health potion out of combat.
Shift-Click to eat / use second best food / health potion.
Ctrl-Click to open "Cooking" window.
Right-Click to conjure food / refreshments. (mages)

GMHStone -- /gmhs help
Auto updates healthstones.
Left-Click to use healthstone.
Right-Click to "Create Healthstone".

GMMana -- /gmm help
Auto updates mana potions.
Left-Click to drink water / use mana potion. (depending on combat)
Alt-Click to use mana potion out of combat.
Shift-Click to drink / use second best water / mana potion.
Ctrl-Click to open "Alchemy" window.
Right-Click to conjure water / refreshments. (mages)

GMMount (currently English only) -- /gmmt help
Auto updates random mounts. (based on location and ability to fly)
Left-Click to mount.
Shift-Click to ground mount. (if area is flyable)
Right-Click to dismount. (if mounted)

GMPet -- /gmp help
Auto updates random companions (non combat pets).
Left-Click to call random companion.
Right-Click to dismiss companion.

GMElixir (BETA) -- /gmbe help and /gmge help
Auto updates elixirs (GMBE for Battle elixirs, GMGE for Guardian Elixirs).
Left-Click to drink elixir.
Shift-Click to drink alternate elixir.
Ctrl-Click to drink misc elixir (best "All stats" or Water walking).

Important Slash Command Change
/gmb help -- displays buff food help text and a list of bufftypes (Also /gmbe help and /gmge help)

/gmb -- lists current order of bufftypes

Replace '<bufftype>' with an actual bufftype.
/gmb b1=<bufftype> -- sets first favorite bufftype
/gmb b2=<bufftype> -- sets second favorite bufftype
/gmb b3=<bufftype> -- sets third favorite bufftype

(example #1: /gmb b1=crt will make the first favorite buff 'critical strike rating')
(example #2: /gmb b3=int will make the third favorite buff 'intellect')

Bufftype List (bufftypes are saved per character, only need to set once)
agi = agility
arm = armor penetration
atk = attack power
crt = critical strike rating
exp = expertise
has = haste
hp5 = health per 5
hit = hit rating
int = intellect
mp5 = mana per 5
oth = other
res = resistance
spl = spell power
spi = spirit
sta = stamina
str = strength
use = useful stat

I'm happy to answer any questions / concerns and I do check the comments regularly.