(previously known as Gimbolino)

This a tiny addon that do basically two things:

- Summon a random pets from your collections
- Summon a random pet from a custom category defined by the user.

To summon random from the entire collection simply use it without any argument:



otherwhise you can summon from a category name "rare" with:


/gmp rare

To define the categories you have to edit / create a file categories.lua (samples provided in the samples folder) in the addon folder in this way:

gmPets_tbl = { 
   funny = {
		"Tacchino Paffuto",
		"Ser Pancetta",
		"Piccolo K.T.",
   rare = {
   ---- add your custom categories here


/gmp help - This help
/gmp remove - Dismiss an active pets
/gmp - Random summon a pet from your complete collection
/gmp <category> - Random summon a pet from your custom <category>

You can create also a macro in this way, i.e.:


/gmp [btn:2] rare; [mod:alt] funny; [mod:shift] remove;

btn:2 to summon a category "rare" pets
ALT+btn:1 for the "funny" ones
SHIFT+btn:1 for dismiss the current pet (if any)
btn:1 for the full random.

N.B. Please remember to backup your custom categories.lua before updating.

If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use: