This addon adding "Import/Export" section to GatherMate2.

!! Not tested with classic client !!





Choose by expansion or zone and node type what you export/share with other user.

Little annotation: It was planned to add an "Export all" option but it was to heavy for wow. Client freeze was too long. ;-)



Easelly import GatherMate2 Data from other user export strings.

Click on button "Open the input dialog" and fill the export string into the input field amd click on "Okay".


For other devs

This addon using AceSerializer from Ace3, LibDeflate:CompressDeflate and LibBase64 to generate the export string.
The table design is:

    [<nodeType>] = {
        [<uiMapID>] = {
            [<coords>] = <GM2 internal node index>,
-- nodeType is part of _G["GatherMate2"..nodeType.."DB"] (global SavedVariable from GatherMate2)
-- coords and "GM2 internal node index" is from GatherMate2.


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