GatherMate2 data fetched from Wowhead

Currently, fish schools and gas clouds do not have a location in Wowhead. This means this database has no fish or gas.

Based on https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/spinx-gathermate2-data-classic

This addon only holds data for GatherMate2, it does nothing on its own. Please download https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/gathermate2-classic as well.

Installation instructions:

1. Install GatherMate2 Classic

2. Install GatherMate2 Data Wowhead classic

3. Go to Addon options for GatherMate 2 (/gathermate)

4. Go to the Import suboption

5. Choose import style. Overwrite will replace all existing data, merge will merge with existing data.

6. Choose which databases to import

7. Press the import button

You need to do an import every time this addon is updated.


Why can't I see fishing nodes or clouds?

There is no data on wowhead for fishing nodes or clouds.

Why don't you add data from other sources?

I have automated scripts for parsing wowhead and I'm lazy. I will promote alternate addons here if you make them.

Why don't I see any data?

Make sure you are on the latest version of GatherMate 2 and this addon. Follow the instructions above. Make sure your filters and per-profession settings are correct.

Why isn't the data complete?

If it's not in the addon it's probably not on wowhead. Wowhead gets data from users that have their client. Make sure you use it to contribute.

I need help with setting up GatherMate 2.

This addon only adds data, you should ask for help in the GatherMate 2 project.