• Requires the GatherMate2 addon for Retail or Classic
  • Highly suggested to also grab GatherMate2_Data for Retail or Classic
  • Import GatherMate2_Data for your selected nodes (Herbs, Mining, etc.)

Addon Summary

GatherMate is great, but it's easy to forget which nodes you have checked recently. This addon simply allows you to choose a color and a timeout to mark the recently visited nodes so that you can easily see which nodes you have recently checked.


When GatherMate2's tracking circles appear over a potential resource node, the circle and node icon itself will dim or change color (based on option settings). The general idea is that you can set your filters and tracking distance in GatherMate2, and not forget which resource nodes you have already inspected.


  • Supplements GatherMate2 (not a replacement)
  • Has Options panel to configure colors, refresh times, general functionality





Discord is the best way to communicate, but if you're seeing this addon via Curseforge.com, please drop feedback in the comments section. 



 Open the Interface via the Interface->Addons->GatherMate2Marker UI or use one of the following command-line alternatives:

  • /gmm
  • /gm2m


Thanks for checking out this addon to an addon! I've found it useful so far, but would love to hear if any of you do as well!