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Uploaded by Noshei
Uploaded Nov 2, 2020
Game Version 9.0.1
Size 262.19 KB
Downloads 1,467
MD5 c187b71d7be99f48ef5bfbd10810d8b7
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lightweight tag 16646cd281b0d0826d6064ed6f7faf7ae0e60e97 1.1.7
Author:    Noshei <>
Date:    Mon Nov 2 20:13:43 2020 -0700

commit 16646cd281b0d0826d6064ed6f7faf7ae0e60e97
Author: Noshei <>
Date:   Mon Nov 2 20:13:43 2020 -0700


    added icons to the filter options and filter button menu
    added descriptions to Other filter options
    fixed error when entering certain areas while Gathering Tracker was disabled
    changed event throttling to use C_Timer functions
    fixed /gt and /gatheringtracker not going to the addon config

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