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Uploaded by Noshei
Uploaded Oct 13, 2020
Game Version 9.0.1
Size 261.00 KB
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MD5 7f5625510121f6ed0309dcfaf13c21dc
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lightweight tag 6ca3c00a2b279939c36d889009d2bd184e247575 1.1.3
Author:    Noshei <>
Date:    Tue Oct 13 22:53:39 2020 -0600

commit 6ca3c00a2b279939c36d889009d2bd184e247575
Author: Noshei <>
Date:   Tue Oct 13 22:53:39 2020 -0600


    Added Pigments
    Updated Shadowlands gatherable items
    Changed internal storage to allow for future features
    Fixed display not updating when Enabling and Disabling Group Mode
    Added throttle to updates when the party is updated.  This is to prevent addon message spam when forming a group.
    Group options no longer reset when Group Mode is disabled
    Added option to display gold value of what each character has gathered
    Fixed bug where the addon would still trigger on events when disabled
    Improved debug logging
    Updated TOC to 9.0.1

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