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Uploaded by Noshei
Uploaded Sep 6, 2020
Game Version 8.3.0
Size 257.92 KB
Downloads 51
MD5 48858487937e54dcadc77883031edc28
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lightweight tag e47a98b6d610ca60208f5a41177bc4c21709c5d1 1.0.7
Author:    Noshei <>
Date:    Sun Sep 6 12:23:02 2020 -0600

commit e47a98b6d610ca60208f5a41177bc4c21709c5d1
Author: Noshei <>
Date:   Sun Sep 6 12:23:02 2020 -0600


    Fixed position not being set by shared settings
    Added support for API changes in 9.0
    Added support for seding settings when a party is formed or changed.  Settings will only be sent from the party leader.
    Disabled sharing settings if you are not in a party, this prevents unnecessary addon messages

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