Last Updated: Jul 19, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Apr 3, 2015

Owner: _ForgeUser19572344

Change log 2016.07.19 v1.10

  • Fixed minor problems
  • Adjusted to 7.0.3
  • No more updates I think unless you send me code to change something.

2015.10.07 v1.09

  • Fixed weapon token IDs (thanks to ko_min_min)

2015.07.30 v1.08

  • Minor fixes
    • apparently, there is no garrison cache size 750
    • removed workaround for shipyard work order timer, because API was fixed

2015.06.29 v1.07

  • Fixed garrison cache size for tooltip
  • Added work order tooltip for shipyard

2015.06.24 v1.06

  • Changed compatibility to version 6.2.0
    • Some minor API changes
  • New feature: Work Order crate tooltip
    • The work order crate tooltips are extended by a visualisation of ready, ongoing and open work orders
    • Additionally, you can see how much time is left until the crate is finished/full
    • note: Hence objects in the world cannot be referenced, it is difficult to link such a tooltip to the correct building in each language. Please report if there is a missing work order crate tooltip in your language and help fixing it.
  • Bug fixes
    • Because of prior rights, if GemHelper is installed, the command /gh is changed to /gh2 (/garrisonhelper is still valid) (reported by Lazare)
    • GarrisonHelper now knows the correct number of materials needed to craft "Critical Strike Taladite" for the quest "A yellow brighter than gold" (reported by Gershuun)
    • Fixed bug which caused some icons in the tooltip to be displaced
    • Fixed a bug where the crafting NPC may not have loaded all tradeskills completely, which effected indexes and may have lead to crafting wrong items

2015.06.14 v1.05

  • Data Broker Tooltip
    • Parts of the Data Broker Tooltip can be enabled/disabled
    • New tooltip option to see open tasks of other characters
    • Data Broker Tooltip provides helpful tooltips with additional information (e.g. time estimations or missing materials for tasks)
  • New output options: chat frame (default), toasts and persistent toasts (Install addon Toaster for more configuration options.)
  • Introducing sounds (quest success sound and quest failed sound) to underline current states
  • Bug fixes
    • Minimap Icon (if enabled) now remembers its position
    • Minimap Icon is initalized correctly, even if it is not visible
    • Gladiator Sanctum Work Orders are back in business
    • To prevent a bug, the Work Order "Create All" button is not pressed twice in a row, even if the API indicates, that it is possible

2015-05-26 v1.04

  • Language localisation
    • This addon is now completeley language independent. Although the texts are still in English, crafting and milling will work nevertheless.
    • Added German (deDE) translation.
  • Added data broker support (e.g. for TitanPanel). By mouseover you can see open tasks and hints, if you have enough resources to complete them.
    • Same functionality for minimap icon if you want to (enable in configuration).
    • Click on data broker visualisation (e.g. for TitanPanel button or minimap icon) to scan your garrison for daily visitors
    • Problems to find your NPC in a building? Click on data broker visualisation while inside a building to set raid marks
  • Added alchemy buidling daily. Just do this quest manually and confirm, that this potion should be taken from now on automatically.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug, where two jewelcrafting dailies could be accepted without enough resources to craft quest objectives.
    • Fixed milling macro for non-English languages

2015-05-08 v1.03

  • added support for several garrison buildings and daily works, including:
    • Dwarven Bunker / War Mill
    • Trading Post
    • Inscription Building Daily Work
    • Jewelcrafting Building Daily
    • Work Orders
  • accepting and completing daily quests without further mouse movement, even if crafting or milling is involved
  • new configuration ui
    • each feature can be activated/deactivated
    • configuration is done globally for all chars

2015-04-11 v1.02

  • fixed a bug which prevented auto-accepting the quest, when Iron Horde Scraps have been stored in the bank
  • added several messages
    • welcome message reminds you of completing your Srap Meltdown daily
    • if you own a trading post, you can mouseover the trader to see what's on sale
  • added additional Information to the GarrisonHelper Interface (/gh)