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This AddOn aims to help you disenchant items more efficiently, whether it be through the Garrison building or through regular disenchanting. There is a single button which can either be clicked or keybound. The AddOn auto populates the button with disenchantable items from your bags as you start disenchanting. No more wasting time trying to find the right items among all the other salvage junk.

Real enchanters can use the "/gd override" command to display the button outside the Garrison.


For Garrison disenchanting only: If you click the button without having disenchant active then it will equip the item instead, meaning a piece of your gear will now be placed in the bags. In version 1.2 a new security layer was added in the form of a prompt when attempting to disenchant items which have previously been equipped during the current session. This security prompt can be toggled with the command "/gd prompt".


You can access the options by using /gd or /garrisondisenchant. The following is a list of available commands and a description of what they do:

  • /gd ignore [ itemID | itemName | itemLink ] : ignores a specific item for this character only.
  • /gd remove [itemID | itemLink | all ] : removes a specific or all item(s) from the ignore list.
  • /gd list : outputs a string of items currently in the ignore list.
  • /gd filter : enables or disables the equipmentset filter (enabled by default).
  • /gd prompt : enables or disables the prompt for equipped items (enabled by default).
  • /gd quality [ uncommon | rare | epic ] : toggles quality filter for given item quality.
  • /gd border : enables or disables item quality border colors.
  • /gd size [ number ] : sets button size to specified number (20-100).
  • /gd lock : toggles button position lock.
  • /gd override : toggles display override, useful for real enchanters.
  • /gd help [ command ] : shows how to use a command.
  • /gd version : outputs AddOn version.

How To Use

Click the Essence Font and accept the prompt. The AddOn will find a disenchantable item in your bags and let you disenchant it by clicking the button.

  • Left Click (or keybind) = Disenchant
  • Right Click = Add the item to your ignore list.
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel = Increase or decrease button size.


Bug Reports

Please submit bug reports in the issue tracker: Click!. When submitting a bug report, please use a descriptive title and include the following information:

  • Version number of GarrisonDisenchant (the actual number, "latest version" is not a version number).
  • Whether you have ruled out conflicts with other AddOns by disabling everything except "GarrisonDisenchant".
  • Usually a picture is worth a thousand words, so include one unless the issue cannot be seen in the screenshot.
  • Make sure you include the error you are receiving, if any. You only want to focus on the very first error you get if there are more than one, so make sure to press that "Previous" button until you reach the first error.


Please submit new requests in the issue tracker: Click!. When submitting a request, please use a descriptive title and include the following information:

  • What part of the AddOn you want to modify.
  • How you want it to behave in comparison to how it is behaving now.

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