Garrison Mission Manager

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If you want to support Garrison Mission Manager or any other of my projects consider doing one of the following:

WoW: Recruit a FriendHelp me with RAF rewards: contact me so I can send you RAF invitation if you want to set up a new WoW account
WoW: RaidingInvite my characters into raid.

I used to raid Heroic (now Mythic) content and though I raid less because of dissolving of my last guild, I still regulary run with normal/heroic PUGs, keep note of tactics and shouldn't be much of liability. :)
My e-mail is:
At the moment my most geared is Shadow Priest.
Until Blizzard allows otherwise, I can join Mythic runs only on EU-Kazzak. ShopSend me something from Shop or give me some rare mount/toy in-game.

I'm interested in:
EU time card codes
StarCraft II with all expansions
Diablo III RoS (not base, already have it through annual subscription)
HotS skins: Blood Elf Tyrande, Ranger-General Sylvanas, Succubus Kerrigan
...and pretty much any pet/mount I don't have from the store. Check list of missing stuff on any of my characters.
SteamSend me something from my wishlist on Steam or just a random game.
PayPalDonate some money through PayPal.