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800K Downloads Updated Mar 24, 2021 Created Jan 7, 2021

Calculates the result of the mission, considering unit's abilities

5.8M Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2021 Created Aug 25, 2016

DBM modules for Warlords of Draenor content

1.9M Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2021 Created Aug 15, 2018

Mission Assistant for BFA Champion Table

348K Downloads Updated May 3, 2021 Created Dec 5, 2020

Provides guidance on likelihood of mission success or failure based on unit strength

18.4M Downloads Updated Dec 7, 2020 Created Nov 21, 2014

Assists you with selecting best team for Legion's Class Hall and WoD's Garrison/Shipyard missions and...

40.1M Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2020 Created Nov 20, 2014

Improved Garrison Missions UI and follower group suggestions.

3.8M Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2021 Created Nov 18, 2014

Can automatically schedule all your missions, complete them, report orders and much more

3.3M Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2021 Created Oct 30, 2016

Order Hall mission helper

486K Downloads Updated Apr 8, 2021 Created Apr 9, 2015

Makes the process of selling items more easy, selling gray/junk, green/blue equipments, soulbound/epic, everything configurable

64.6K Downloads Updated Apr 30, 2021 Created Jan 23, 2018

Allows you to see older Garrison Reports on Right Click or Middle Click

507K Downloads Updated Mar 22, 2021 Created Apr 20, 2015

Displays the locations of Garrison music scrolls.

130K Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2020 Created Sep 29, 2018

Interface replacement for War Campaign missions

2.8M Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2020 Created Apr 18, 2009

Displays a list of mounts, companions, titles, toys and followers you are missing and more.

13K Downloads Updated Apr 9, 2021 Created Jan 8, 2021

Adds a movable button to easily open Soulbind Rewards, Callings Rewards and Table Mission Caches...

88.5K Downloads Updated Jan 31, 2021 Created Feb 2, 2015

Track the in progress missions on all your characters

1.2M Downloads Updated Feb 14, 2021 Created Sep 29, 2014

Extend the follower list with some informations to find them...

121K Downloads Updated Mar 30, 2016 Created Dec 26, 2015

Automatic vendoring of Salvage Yard crates items

4.4K Downloads Updated May 9, 2021 Created Oct 16, 2020

Tabs for mission report window.

4.9K Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2021 Created Nov 2, 2020

Access your Covenant Adventures, BfA Missions, Class Hall Report, and Garrison Report.

51.4K Downloads Updated Nov 5, 2016 Created Nov 4, 2016

Forces Garrison Mission Manager to load and make all features available on login instead of...