Galvin's UnitBars Classic

27,673 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 13, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.4

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Triggers are being recoded.  They'll be no way to take your old triggers and convert them.  You'll need to redo them.

No idea on a release date.


/gub c to open

/gub for commands


Galvin's UnitBars is a resource tracking addon. Tracks things like mana, combo points, etc

Please post any feedback in the comments section below.


1.30 Release

* Text font options has Changed. Field width and field height has been removed. \n can be added in custom layout inside the () to do multiline text. You may have to redo text options if you find something not where it was


1.20 Release

* Ticker added to the Player Power and Mana Power bars

* Tickers has full trigger and test mode support

* Ticker option can be found under Layout


1.11 Release

* Combo bar fix


1.05 Release

 * Pet bars should work. Let me know
 * RealMobHealth support. Enabled by default. Option found under Target Health -> Layout

Some features. Too many to list

 * Priority flag system. Each bar has a status flag to tell when to hide, show, etc.
 * Textures 'GUB Bright Bar', 'GUB Dark Bar', and 'GUB Square Border' can be used with any mod that has libsharedmedia.
 * All bars can be fully customized to how you want them to look.
 * All bars can be rotated. For health and power bars fill direction can be changed to match the rotation.
 * All bars have frame strata. If you want a bar to appear above another add ons UI. This should help.
 * Trigger system for more advanced options.
 * Alignment tool allows bars to be lined up for perfection. Right click a bar when bars are not locked to activate the tool.
 * Test Mode. Make changes to bars without having to use combat to do it.


Text settings

Align and Swap tool video

Triggers video.



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