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Please update for 4.0

#7 By  _ForgeUser4701129

Created Oct 16, 2010 Updated Oct 18, 2010

Assigned to  elkano

Please update for 4.0

Is this addon still in development?  I don't know of any specific problems, but I know this addon won't load unless you select "Load out of date addons."  Are you still active on this project?  Have you received sufficient donations / praise to make this worthwhile for you?

Thanks for all your hard work!

_ForgeUser4701129   added the tags
  Oct 16, 2010
Oct 18, 2010

FactionsFu will most likely see no update for 4.x since it's still using Ace2 and FuBar.
It is superseded by ElkFaction (-> http://www.wowace.com/addons/elkfaction/ ) which is currently in alpha.

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