Flight Map Enhanced & Times

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Nov 28, 2010

Owner: Dorwido

Played the game since vanilla, but the direction Legion goes, I decided to quit the game and never come back, so there wont be any update for my addons, feel free to clone the code and make your own addon with the code basis.
Addon features

Flight Map
  • Allow to move and resize it
  • Adds all flight locations as a list next to the Flight Map categorized by zones and sorted alphabetical.
    • You can collapse a zone to not show the flight locations of that zone in the list.
    • Additionally you can choose to always collapse all zones whenever the flight map is opened, this will reset any individuell collapse/expand settings you made before.
    • Being able to deatch the addon frame and move it whereever you want
  • Minimap button to set the next flight location while not being at a flight master
World Map Click
  • Click ctrl+left anywhere on the worldmap and the next flight is set to closest location of that point
  • Right click on the quest tracker to set the next flight to the closest location of the quest
    • Using this feature also shows on the mini map the closest flight master to your current location to start the fly
Flight Times
  • Show how long the flight will take
Missing Flight Master
  • Show on the map all the flight masters you are missing
Databroker Support
  • showing an icon left click to choose a flight destination
  • if next flight is set in advance showing the flight destination as text
  • if flying show the destination as label and the either the time left if known in green or if recording the time in red

You can choose which modules you wanna use and disable them if not wanted, also there are quite some options like confirming a automatic flight start, change the modifier for the world map click and much more.


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