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Since Blizzard removed GetUnitPitch() in 7.1, I no longer plan to maintain this addon. If Blizzards sees fit to put it, or some equivalent, back, then I'll revive it. Until then, this addon is dead.


Displays a fully configurable fighter jet style Heads Up Display (HUD) while flying, riding, or swimming.


Q: Can altitude/elevation be displayed?
A: No. Blizzard doesn't provide the ability for addons to get z-axis information.


  • Shows your current heading in degrees as text and as a graphic with cardinal points relative to the mimimap.
  • Shows the true pitch of your character. This is no longer a hack, as patch 3.0.2 added GetPlayerPitch(), an API call that returns a character's true pitch. Before patch 3.0.2, the camera pitch was used, and the pitch display was not accurate unless you always kept your camera behind your character.
  • Shows map coordinates.
  • Shows your true speed, horizontal speed, or both, as a percentage, where a normally running character is 100%, or as yards per second, or both.
  • Configurable transparency of the text and graphics.
  • Configurable transparency of the background.
  • Configurable size of the text.
  • Configurable size of the pitch graphic.
  • Configurable frame size.
  • Congigurable colors of all HUD elements.
  • Movable frame. Hold control while hovering the mouse over the frame and left click drag to move it. (First unlock the frame in the config with /fh or /flighthud or from the Interface -> Addons -> FlightHUD menu)
  • Waypoints. (Configurable Alt/Shift/Ctrl/Combination)-rightclick on the map to add a waypoint. Multiple waypoints are supported. Waypoints appear in the HUD and float as you pan. Each point shows the distance and bearing to the point, plus an ETA if you're moving.
  • Waypoints can now be made persistent and configured to show only in the zones they're created in or vice versa.
  • Waypoints can be deleted by right clicking on them in the world map or mimi map.
  • QuestHelper integration: See the default QuestHelper quest as a persistent waypoint. (Seems QuestHelper is no longer a thing)
  • Blizzard POI (Point of Interest) integration: (modifier)-click a POI on the map to set it, and subsequently unset it, as a waypoint. The modifier can be set in the config.
  • Automatic quest tracking waypoints in the HUD.
  • Arrival sound: Set a sound to be played upon arrival at a waypoint.
  • Keybind to toggle level flight. (Simply toggles pitchlimit from 0 to 88 and back. Still have to pitch up or down for pitch to be 0 once pitchlimit is 0)


  • Add an odometer.
  • Editable, movable waypoints.
  • Add an interface to manage waypoints. (Can't delete a POI waypoint when it no longer appears on the map)
  • HUD frame skins to make it look like a real fighter HUD.
  • Configurable locations of text and graphics within the parent frame. Perhaps at some point make them detachable.
  • Fix the waypoint adding text on the map. Seems this stopped working at some point.

Known bugs:

  • There's a bug in Astrolabe that causes an error when entering a garrison mine. While this bug shows as coming from FlightHUD, many other addons that use Astrolabe have open bugs showing the exact same trace.
  • There's been a pervasive bug that would completely hang the client. I've known about this bug for about 2 years now, but I've never been able to consistently reproduce it, and therefore, debugging has always been non-trivial. If you experience the game client completely hanging after zoning (a portal, a zone instance, teleporting directly to a dungeon, a summon), please report a bug. To get around the bug, disable the "Quest POI Integration" in "Waypoint Options" in the FlightHUD config. This option is now disabled by default.

Reporting bugs:

  • Please post bug reports here. While I monitor the comments on, it makes my life easier if bugs are reported in the wowace bug tracker.


  • NEW! This video showcases the new options menu and QuestHelper integration.
  • NEW! This video shows the same thing, but at the end I gank a horde.
  • Here's an older video