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Filename flagRSP_WotLK_1.0.7.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser142632
Uploaded Jan 21, 2009
Game Version 3.0.8
Size 268.29 KB
Downloads 93
MD5 6645710a1898b014ec3ab777f66dbd9e
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flagRSP WotLK 1.0.7 Changes
- Fixed an issue with drop down lists due to changes in WoW API. The friend state of entries in your friend list could not be changed as of WoW 3.0.8
- Friends and enemies on your friend list are colored green and red again. Guild entries are colored slightly lighter than character entries.
- The title of a character is now displayed colored in the info box.
- Removed some "Did you know?" hints that were not applicable anymore.
- Reimplemented import and export of flagRSP's friendlist from/to WoW's friendlist. (/fl import or /fl export)
- Added a new slash command for resetting the position of the info box: /rsp resetinfobox