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Track both weapon enchants

#21 By  _ForgeUser3628881

Created May 4, 2015 Updated Sep 11, 2015

Assigned to  superk589

currently ExtraCD checks only for the mainhand enchant.

	[1] = "HEAD",
	[13] = "TRINKET1",
	[14] = "TRINKET2",
	[15] = "BACK",
	[16] = "MAINHAND",
	[18] = "RANGED",
	[11] = "RING1", 
	[12] = "RING2",

Does it work if i just add the offhand slot to the list? I really think this should be in as a default.

_ForgeUser3628881   added the tags
  May 4, 2015
Sep 11, 2015

Simply adding the off-hand in that snippet won't make it show the off-hand enchant. I'm not quite sure how to do it without making the code kinda nasty. On line 342 of ExtraCD.lua, it looks like there's a function to scan all slots for items with gems/enchants/etc., then on 359 it checks items against the data.lua for enchants; in the db, all weapon enchants are set to slot 16 only, so I added 17 to the slot value in that file (as well as duplicating the entry with just a single slot number), but neither option worked. I also tried adding an extra tinsert after line 368 with the some manual parameters set, which works, but obviously hacks in a blank icon if you're not using two enchants on 16 and 17. There's obviously more going on, but I lack the understanding of how it's just picking up slot 16 and not 17.

I'm rather new to lua so I'm not much help, but I'd like this feature as well. I'm currently using a nastily coded WA to get/show RPPM chance per second on trinkets and weapons (which ironically is more accurate than ECD's calculation, but is way less efficient).

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