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Beating Heart of the Mountain

#18 By  _ForgeUser17643933

Created Feb 16, 2015 Updated Feb 16, 2015

Assigned to  superk589


This items - "Beating Heart of the Mountain", ID - 113931 doesn't work properly. It has 120 sec cd, and i can manally activate it for 20 sec, but ExtraCD thinks that it is a kind of RRPM trinkets, so it doesn't want to show me when the item is active and when it's on cd.

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  Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015

Posted 12 February 2015 #390

Posts: 1 ExtraCD is reading my Beating Heart of the Mountain as an Instability proc (Increases Haste by 174 for 10s) This is not correct the buff it gives is Lub-Dub (Grants 1467 Multistrike for 20 seconds) How do I fix this issue.

That's what i found in comments on curseclient website.

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