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Quality of Life changes

#15 By  _ForgeUser2867051

Created Jan 10, 2015 Updated --

Assigned to  superk589

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

So I'am looking for some Quality of Life improvements regarding customization:

1. I would like to have an option that sets the grow direction of the bar. so far its growing to the right. I would like to have an option that it grows left. I guess up and down would be also cool in general.

2. Groups or Individual Positioning of the icons. So for me it would help if had groups so that I could arrange the icons individually i.e. my mark of the blackrock proc I'd like to position somewhere else then lets say my trinket proc.

3. Profiles for specs. When I'am playing DPS then I would like to reposition the icons.

I like your addon I hope you keep improving it.


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