Exorsus Raid Tools

Last Updated: Oct 7, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


May 13, 2014

Owner: ykiigor

v. 3990

* Note: copy-pasting with colors must be much easier
* Note: added button "Duplicate"
* Note: added 5ppl dungeons to bosses list
* Note: added highlighting drafts for nearest bosses
* Note: added {icon:PATH} format for any ingame icon (older format for spells still works ({spell:SPELL_ID}))
* Visual note: fixes & updates
* Visual note: outdated versions no longer supports
* Raid Inspect: added bfa achievements (BFA 5ppl, Uldir)
* Raid Inspect: fixed weapon enchants for dk & hunters


v. 3975
* Fixes for note editing


v. 3970
* New module: Visual note [test mode]
* Note: parts of note can be shown only for specific role. Use {D}...{/D},{H}...{/H},{T}...{/T} format
* Note: parts of note can be shown only for specific players. Use {p:PlayerName,OtherPlayerName}...{/p} format
* Note: autoload removed
* Note: added option for text colors in edit mode
* Raid Inspect: You can check all alternate azerite choices in tier if you hover azerite icon
* Fight log: fixed bugs in calculations for mind controlled players
* Removed outdated modules
* Minor fixes